Thursday, April 1, 2010


Everyone loves secrets especially little children, i.e The Secret Garden, and the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. How normal bored little children become Heros and even save an entire civilization. Or the book The Secret how by understanding the power of now, and the law of attraction (karma) you can manifest money, status, friends etc. Very interesting stuff. In Ancient times Alchemist thought they could change sea water into Gold and stuff like that but they needed the help of an Angel(Pharista). But in reality if you really want too understand the Secrets of the Universe, of the creation and be a Seer of the 3 Aspects of time, deep meditation will help you achieve that. In my meditations I just meditate on God, the Supreme Soul, and first of all develop soul consciousness. That is where I begin too detach from my body and see myself as a living point of light. Then I begin too accumulate the 8 powers from God, which leads too developing virtues and powers in life , in my daily interactions, and ultimately I become a world benefactor like the Father, and a Karmateet Angel. So I live in the world but are beyond the effects of the world, and with these high stages will come the knower of the secrets of the 3 aspects of time. It is a very high stage most people wouldn't even attempt, but knowing it is also there and attainable is also a good thing. Keep up your practise of meditation and going too the temple, studying the scriptures etc and everything will be revealed too you Om Shanti:)