Tuesday, May 4, 2010

busy bees

I am no business minded person, though I did study Economics in High School, and basically economys work off the law of supply and demand, so when there is a high consumption of a product then the suppliers will charge more for it, and so it goes on. In Spirituality and meditation, the same laws apply, but under a different pretext. Sometimes it is called the law of karma, or whatever I sow so shall I reap(yin and yang).So a balance is always maintained. In the old days it was like I,ll trade you my 2 pigs and a goat for Eggs, butter and milk (ie the bartering scheme)So it is seen as a closed system as well and the forces of the market place balance each other out. With these ongoing recessions and devaluation of money (i.e Greece), the collapse of huge companies, ie USA, still the system is balancing itself out, thats all.I guess one key factor that is not mentioned in the Business world much is Greed, though it is still noted, (ie when CEO,s of companies are sacked or even jailed as in Australia for Tampering with the till etc)But as souls, spiritual beings, we also invest our time and energy into creating a life for ourselves and a name and an identity, this is a natural progression of talent and speciality. But in consciousness terms this would be called ego. i.e the creation of false identity around my true self and my true belief system, ultimately comprimising my true self. This will present itself as negative character traits, anger,jealousy, depression or externally as corruption,misuse of funds, or as in Indonesia(mining co.) destruction of nature, Green house pollution, blah blah. The two have been scientifically connected. So basically I am drawing your attention too how the 5 vices or as I call it body consciousness can rob the soul of its original power and nature and instead we adopt a false identity. Meditation will help reverse the effects of this, slowly but surely. Not any meditation but the meditation of I the soul on God the Supreme Soul. This will bring about ultimate balance into my life. Experiment and have a go:)Oh even bees have a system of co-operation and work ethic too keep the hive going, Queens,nurses,guards,workers etc and they live of honey and nectar why can,t we?