Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There are many holy men,yogis,Gurus, priests, sages and saints, motivational speakers, etc , who have amazing facts and quotes and even experience on how too better your lot in life, how too connect too God or a higher being. Some even meditate for hours on end, or can recite the scriptures, are pure and holy, or even heal people. Others have accrued millions of dollars in wealth, have multitudes of followers. But if I look around the good ship earth is still spiralling out of control and even breaking up here and there. I think it would take God himself too incarnate and set the record straight. I mean hes the main man, the creator and the director, he created this mess, its his job too come and fix it up. Now I know you practical beings will say, no way would he incarnate, but I got news for you, its in his contract, in the small print, that he has too descend at times of complete breakdown of the system and fix the fault. I mean you don,t call the plumber if the skys going too collapse. Derrr. Its a logical argument. Hes sent his managers Abraham,Buddha, Guru Nanak, Jesus, Mohammad and they did some good, but now its getting out of control, and mother natures not helping any, shes nearly had enough as well:)