Friday, May 28, 2010

spiritual effort

The Week of Transforming the Awareness

Self Respect

: I the Soul am free from all attachments and the embodiment of remembrance.
The essence of the entire lesson of Gita is

. .Be free from attachment, and be the embodiment of

. This also is the aim of our Brahmin life. We can become embodiment of detachment when
we are embodiment of remembrance; and then only will go back home with honor by being

.Pass with

.. Remember, .Remembrance is Life and forgetting is Death for Brahmins..
Yoga Practice

We will practice and experience each of the below awareness deeply over this week.


Awareness: I am Master Almighty Authority
Yoga Practice

: The Almighty Authority Baba is above me like the Canopy of Protection.

Awareness: I am the Sun of Purity
Yoga Practice

: I am stabilized on the space and removing the darkness of ignorance from the
entire World.


Awareness: I am the Peace Messenger
Yoga Practice

: I the Soul, the embodiment of Peace, am spreading the vibrations of Peace to
the entire World.


Awareness: I am the Hero Actor of the World Drama
Yoga Practice

: The Souls of the entire World are watching me and are following my thoughts,
words and actions.


Awareness: GOD is my Friend
Yoga Practice

: Invoke GOD, the friend from the Supreme Abode and experience His
company and help.


Awareness: I am the Soul who is the Foundation and Savior of this World
Yoga Practice

: Am seated at the root of the Kalpa Tree and giving Sakash of all Powers to the
entire Tree.


Awareness: The Drama is over. now it is time to go back Home
Yoga Practice

: That is why I must not get stuck in the body and the Physical World.
ultimately will anything go back with me

Point of Inculcation

: Power of transformation . Waste to Best
- Birth after birth we have had waste and weak thoughts

. and thus have descended continuously.
Now we need to be in beneficial and powerful thoughts. So, check your thoughts and change them into

powerful and capable ones.

Point of Churning

What all awareness has Baba given us? Make a Garland of at least 108 such awareness.

For the Effort Makers

Dear Effort Makers

. the entire Cycle of World Drama is a game of remembering and forgetting. It is

.As the awareness, thus is the Stage.. When we remember that we are Souls, then the World is
Heaven; and when we forget ourselves, the World turns into Hell. Our awareness are Powerful and Pure in

Heaven whereas are Weak and Impure in the Hell. Now, in order to again make our awareness Powerful

and Pure, the Almighty Baba has given us elevated awareness so that the World can be again turned into the

beautiful Heaven. So, come, let us be Powerful by being the embodiment of the empowering awareness and

bring back Heaven on the Earth.

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "