Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sport and Yoga

It is said a true yogi is one who is beyond the 5 elements, beyond the 5 senses and thus not effected by the 5 vices, because his senses are cool and the intellect is divine. I would add a true yogi is always in communion with God because he is soul conscious and not body conscious. So in comparison too sport there are a lot of similarities. First of all life and changing or purifying your consciousness as well as sport are all games.So you should treat them like that.Don't become rigid or intense, its about enjoying your mission in life and scoring goals. The crowd is on your side (the human race supports peace). In sport certain rules and regulations are applied so that we are all on a common , even playing field, in sport it is called an oval, in meditation it is called the world stage. And the rules are under the universal code of the Law of Karma. What goes up must come down, the stronger player and most talented team will win.So a yogi will understand the sublime rules of karma, and needs too too achieve a divine intellect. But just through correct meditation on God a divine intellect will occur without much study. It depends on your nature and background whether you want too study more or meditate more.And make sure you take time out for half time and injury rehabilitation, but don,t give up the game, even if you have too take a pay cut:) Om shanti