Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dadi Janki talking

News from Lisbon – Day 2
This morning after murli, Jayanti bhen shared memories about the specialities of Dadi Shantamani.
She said Dadi was remembered for having a very silent mind and played for years the special role of being a trance messenger. She also was responsible for taking care of the sevadharis, knowing them all by names and giving them their duties.

She also played the incognito role of writing and sending news in Sindhi from Madhuban to the foreign lands. The news she sent would reach London after 4 days. Her hand writing was so accurate and beautiful - the letters looked like pearls.

Then Dadi Gulzar joined the gathering for the donation of yoga and the atmosphere became very powerful, just as if Baba had been there. Then Dadi gave class.

After class she asked everyone to raise their hands to identify the countries they came from. There were 60 souls from Lisbon, 35 from the rest of Portugal, 34 from Spain 10 from France and 1 or 2 from Austria, Holland, Germany, Gibraltar and Switzerland. Dadi then gave toli to each one with a very sweet loving and powerful drishti.

Dadi Gulzar's class – 16.6.10 – Lisbon (Portugal)
It’s time to have a karma yogi life

As soon as we say ‘Om shanti’, we remember our original form, and as soon as we remember it, it is easy to remember Baba. At that time we receive so much love from Baba; it is difficult to express in words.
We become lost in that love. Can you count the mileage Baba accumulates every day to come and teach us?

It is Baba's deep desire that every Baba's child should become a king. How much love does Baba give? At the beginning of the day He gives so much love, so that the remembrance of Him becomes firm throughout the whole day. Baba asks the children: Do you realise Baba makes you masters of the three thrones at this time? Do you know which three thrones? The first on is the throne of the forehead - it is our own thrown and when the soul is situated there, it can do everything. Do you know how to seat on this throne? Because it is only when you sit on this thrown that you can sit on the other two.

The second throne is so valuable and so great; it is Baba's heart throne and we can only sit on it now. When you seat on this throne, you naturally become bodiless. Do you know what are the qualifications to sit on this throne? For this there are two words: cleanliness and honesty. Only the souls who have these two specialities can sit on this throne, otherwise the soul would keep on moving and falling of the throne. No one is falling off the throne, are they? Only once in the whole kalpa can you experience this, so what will happen to us if we keep on falling? The future throne we will receive in the future. All three are very great. But only if you are stable on the first one can you attain the other two.

These days Baba is saying: Check and change. If you only check and don't change at the same time, you will get disheartened. So check and change instantly. Sometimes, some say: “I've had very good amrit vela, so is it really necessary to check and change all day long? Baba would say: OK, your yoga was good at AV but you need to do two tasks during the day: karma and yoga. You need to be in action during the day; but sometimes you remain so engaged in the action you forget the yoga.

What happens is that, if you forget to have remembrance it becomes difficult, so we need to first focus on remembrance and then do actions, in order to remain in balance with karma and yoga. At the time of doing action remember: I am a master, making the physical senses do the karma - otherwise you keep trapped in the action. So Baba says: Remember, you are the master and at the time of action your organs will obey the master’s command. If someone owns a factory and is not properly aware of his factory, what will happen?

Whilst you sit on the seat of a master almighty authority, a child of the Almighty Authority, in this awareness the organs will obey the master. When you are the masters, the mind will obey you. If you are not the master, the mind would go all over the place and the organs will not obey because the awareness of being a master is not there...

Through the day stop and check yourselves: Am I the master making my workers work? Otherwise neither the mind nor the intellect will obey and nor will the organs either. This year Baba told us to check the self at least 12 times a day.

The task Baba gave is easy; no one can say it is not. Look, you eat four times a day. It takes you 10 or 15 minutes each time. You could be checking yourselves at that time. You drink at least seven times a day. To take the water, put in your mouth and wash the glass is easy to do; you can check yourself at that time.

Now is the time to check and change and become a karma yogi. It is no longer time to have yoga sometimes but it is time to have a karma yogi life. Life means all the time. What does Baba want to see now? Me and my Baba. I am a soul and mine is only one Baba; I belong to Baba.

Om shanti.

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "