Saturday, June 12, 2010

Frog life

have you ever played Frogger, its great fun, but very demanding as you get up the levels, it has great sound effects and scenes. When dealing with spirituality and experiences in meditation, souls can be much like frogs. When it rains heavily like in the monsoon in india all the frogs come out, they are croaking and calling, hopping around, there appears a flourish of them, but soon the creeks and ponds, even some rivers dry up, they all die or are eaten by snakes etc.The same in spirituality, souls recieve some water of knowledge or a vision, and they become like a croaking frog chorusing and carrying on then the times get tough and they are eaten by Maya(illusion) and all there self realization goes out the window. So we need too go deeper and deeper until my soul and the Ocean are one, that is we are overflowing,don,t stop halfway. Though a frog will be a frog.But please don,t croak(die). Another analogy I'll share is the boiling frog syndrome. If you put a frog in water it adapts too the temperature, we are like frogs in that we are living in stress and pressure but we keep adapting, taking it onboard until our moral thermometer explodes, we wont remove ourselves from the waters of death:)