Sunday, June 13, 2010


Take a look at this footage, of a two year old chain smoker. Sure this is a very undesirable thing for Parents too allow there child too indulge in. Shame on you. But the deeper aspect too this, in my mind is. If you look at the child he smokes and looks like an old man. I think this is a practical example of reincarnation, how the soul leaves one body and takes another, carrying with it its sanskaras(latent tendencies) too its next birth. Even the habit of smoking. It is seen alot with musicians, but the best examples are how they discover the Dalai Lamas each time one passes away. Here in Raja yoga meditation we believe time is coming too a revelation or turning point, and Heaven on earth is once again occuring, so now is a good time too develop divine sanskaras for the Heavenly birth, or your highest birth, because now is the only oppurtunity too achieve that, because God and human souls are in direct alignment.
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