Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dadi Janki talking on God (baba)

Dadi Janki - 13th July 2010 (pm) – Shantivan – Teachers Bhatti

The Best Service of All

At the present time the best service of all is to remain light and to make others light.

Knowledge makes the soul light – yoga gives us might. First there should be gyan and yoga – only then should we move on to other things.

There are 2 types of light – one is to be light in weight and the other is the light that you see. If you are heavy in your thoughts you will not be able to remain light. Learn how to make your thoughts good and you will be able to remain light.

To stay light these days doctors recommend that you pay attention to diet, exercise and fresh air. Many illnesses are caused by pollution. Here too it is what is in the ‘air’ - in the atmosphere that affects us and makes us heavy. All sorts of vibrations come from all sorts of directions. This is why it is essential to create a good atmosphere. Good quality thoughts create a good atmosphere. But for that I need realisation. I need to realise that I am having waste thoughts and that waste thoughts are like poison where as positive thoughts are nourishing like nectar. It is my responsibility to keep the vibrations good. To create a constantly good atmosphere.

In terms of service – if I were to stand back and see as a detatched observer – then I would say that I have not done any service. Baba is the One doing it all. Our part is simply to pay attention to gyan, yoga and dharna.Nowadays souls seem to enjoy the ‘buzz’ of doing service. You have become very busy but many feel empty inside. Service has become a focus and an entertainment but in reality service should just be the consequence of gyan, yoga and dharna.

Through knowledge, yoga and inculcation we can do service. All we have to do is to follow what Baba says. Yoga is a personal experience. Knowledge is what make us good and gives us realisation. One who has good dharna will be able to do good service. People have regard for those who have dharna. Our dharna is visible through our face and activity. My dharna should be such that no-one should need to complain about me or my activity. Dharna comes through introversion, concentration and having love for solitutde.

Flexibility is also a very important quality. My nature has to also be easy so that others feel easy and peaceful in my company. There were once 2 brothers and they said to Dadi – ‘We are very felxible – whatever service you give us we will be happy to do it.’ Soon after that there was an invitation to do an exhibition – it was due to take place in a basement but the place was so so dirty. I rememebered the offer from the brothers and asked them to clean it. They worked so hard, so hard and made everything sparkle. They served with their bones and so many souls emerged from that exhibiton. Nowadays people want ready made easy service without having to make any effort. Someone recently said to me ‘ I was invited to such and such a place for service but when I got there I was dismayed to see that they had made no preperations and arrangements.’ You can tell what type of a server they are of from this statement. These days many just spend money here and there to get service done but there isnt that genuine effort put into service.

In fact we don’t need to use our intellects to think about service itself - we just need to stay light and things will happen. When someone comes to the centre – they first hear knowledge and they think ‘this is good. These are unique aspects.’ Then after that they have an expereince yoga and Baba pulling them. Then on the 3rd day when they see our dharna – it is clear demonstration for them of how they have to become. They instantly decide ‘ this is how I want to be.’ So then they stay. So where did service come into it ?

People should see us and expereince seeing light. Be simple and a sample. Let me understand the deep signficance of remaining light. I need to stay light and make others light. Never let me say – so and so is like this and so I have to careful how I handle them. They are what they are, but why should that affect my lightness.

In the early days we sometimes made a prgramme to eat only millet chappatti and buttermilk for 15 days. Some felt that their health wouldn’t be able to cope and so they exluded themselves from the programme whereas others even though they were sometimes frail and weak in health remained light in their attitude and participated. Nothing happened to them but the ones who had exluded themselves – many ended up leaving. We made such programmes to prepare oursleves so that in future times no matter what the conditions of the world might become we would be able to sustain ourselves.

At one point I had offered to Dadi Chadermani that rather than torn clothes being discarded I could patch them up. It would be good to economise for the yagya in this way. People would leave things outside my door. Baba came to hear about what I was doing and he too said he wanted his clothes patched rather than getting new ones. There was such lightness in doing everything. If you can save in this way do so. If you choose to spend here and there – that’s your choice but you must know that this time won’t return. Time is moving on.

Be light – don’t say there is too much to do and feel under pressure.

Being light also means being like a lighthouse. Sometimes a lighthouse indicates which way you should go but at other times it also tells you where you should NOT go. So if I see someone on the wrong track then let me guide them to go in the right direction. Be a guide – because people trust guides.

A lighhouse shows the way but the lighthouse needs to be connected to a power source. This is why we need both light and might. We need 3 things :Relationship, connection and communication with Baba. This is what makes the soul into a powerhouse. No relationships with Baba should be missing. Sometimes thought we might have relationship ieg be related to our mother or father but we don’t keep a connection and so there is no closeness. We have to have connection, relationship and communication in order to come close to each other. When we come close to one another and the seniors especially we can feel a current. This is why I empahsise that people should come close and not keep themselves at a distance. There shouldn’t be the feeling that you don’t want to take someones time. Isn’t that what time is for ? If time is used to come close – it is time well spent. When it comes to communication let me communicate with just the One. Ne need to communicate here and there, with this one and that one.

Om Shanti


Dadi Janki, Shantivan, Morning class, 12th July, 2010
The difference between Yoga and Yaad
Every word of Baba’s is filled with significance and importance. We have to stabilize and experience the meaning behind those words. ‘I am a soul’ – become still and stable in the experience of the true meaning of this. It is the start of the Bhatti. To be in a bhatti means two things 1) to be baked , 2) to be washed and laundered. In the early days we would wash the close in very hot water – so that all the dirt could be extracted. In a bhatti you become strong – you become a strong well baked brick but ….Then the bricks need to be made into a wall and that only happens when many bricks come together and join together with the cement of love. You might be strong but if you were to become completely loving then imagine the result.
Today in the murli Baba refers to both yaad (remembrance) and yoga. What is the difference ? Yaad is that which takes you towards the destination, past is past. At the present time we are moving forward with a lot of light and might. Yoga means – to have that connection – one through which I receive strength / power. Baba refers to that as yogbal – the power of yoga through which the new world is established. Yoga power makes many tasks possible. Yaad is personal. Yoga is for the sake of service.
When it comes to remembrance Baba says again and again : ‘Stay in remembrance, Stay in remembrance, Stay in remembrance, ‘. It is when we see the benefits that come from remembrance that we stay in remembrance. When you are aware of the benefits – then the question of having to remember actually finishes – you simply can’t forget.
We used to have a song – ‘we are going to the regions – the string of love is pulling us.’ So we don’t need to do anything – we are simply being ‘pulled’.
We use the expression ‘pilgrimage of remembrance’ – on a pilgrimage many go together. You don’t go on your own and yet at the same time you are not dependant on anyone either.
When you sit for remembrance – there is the experience that all that which is to do with the body has been left down below.
Sometimes in remembrance you might remember some words Baba has spoken and that brings great joy. It is very importance that I remain full of joy and happiness no matter what comes my way.
There is so much power ( Shakti) in remembrance. Many things are achieved through remembrance. All I have to do is have remembrance. In remembrance my bhavna (loving faith filled feelings and intentions) become pure. It is essential to have good bhavna –towards those I am connected and in relationship with, towards the service I do and even towards myself. Never let your bhavna towards your self go down. Always keep hopes in yourself.
Remembrance is in the intellect. Bhavna is in the heart. Whilst sitting in remembrance let me check the bhavna that is in my heart. Do I have any desires in my heart for anything. Let there be no desires. Look at Baba – He is so selfless. In fact – if I have bhavna in my heart, everything I need will come to me. Desires make us limited. Bhavna on the other hand makes me unlimited. It is essential to understand the deep philosophy of karma especially in this aspect. We may have conquered lust and anger but what about greed and possessiveness. One who wants things in other words has greed, will never be able to take benefit from the things that they already have.
Bhavna is a very subtle thing. Bhavna means that I have feelings of Godly love for everyone. If I have bhavna then my thought, even the slightest of a thought, will automatically take practical shape. I won’t need to ‘do’ anything as such to make things happen. That thought could be for the self, for service, for others. I can make effort for myself but if I make effort in Baba’s remembrance then I also get a lot of power and strength. In fact, what is effort? The only effort we need to make is 1) to keep Baba with us as our Companion and b) to watch the drama as a detached observer.
When I understand how bhavna works and I understand the philopshy of karma about greed then I can be yogyukt. Baba has established and sustained the yagya through yoga. When Baba was in sakar, we always had the feeling that he was avyakt. And now that he is avyakt he makes sure that no child feels that they missed out on the sakar – he gives such a feeling of being in sakar with us. Baba is the One establishing the new world with the power of yoga. We are simply with u\Him to witness how he does it. He has a plan which He carries out and then He hides himself away.
My attitude will reveal my bhavna and my attitude is that which creates the vibration all around. A powerful atmosphere and vibration can finish that which is negative. If I become even slightly less positive then negativity will immediately find a way of slipping inside me. Once negativity gets inside me it finishes and attacks my truth and faith. This is why we are in this Bhatti. We are experiencing the bhatti her in Shantivan but the vibrations will reach the world. Vibrations can travel when we let go of being limited. So my request is ‘Please, please, please leave all limited matters’. When we get stuck in limits one of two things happen to us 1) either we get caught up in someone or 2 ) we clash with someone. Save yourself from this. Once you get caught up in someone then you stop listening to what Baba says. It is such a disease that you cant even tell or don’t even feel that you are caught up in someone.