Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dadi Janki talking

Dadi Janki – 13th July 2010 (12 noon) – Shantivan- teachers class
Godly Love

Baba had said recently that we should get blessings from both the Father as well as the family. We get blessings from the Baba when we have true and honest renunciation. We get besslings from the family when we serve them with love.

The theme for today is Godly love. In the early days of London service Jayanti bhen would give the talks and I would sit next to her. I would give her vibrations, vibrations of what she should say. Working together like this is called Godly love.

It is through being filled with feelings of Godly, divine love that we become complete and perfect.

When we become filled with such love then others will become the same.

There are 4 stages or types of love. First is pyaar ,then prem, then preet, then sneh. Pyaar is what we receive when become Baba’s children. It is like the affection given to young ones. When it comes to pyaar we say ‘nowhere have I received this type of love’. Then comes prem – that is when you completely in love with someone. In prem – your bondages no longer have a hold on you – karmic accounts finish.

When people give my introduction – I say that I should be introduced as a pigeon, a parrot and a puppet. A pigeon is loved so much because it just does its job of being the messenger – it delivers the message and then comes back – it doesn’t get invloved. People consider it to an act of charity to feed pigeons. Pigeons do not eat on their own – they always share with a crowd of other pigeons. They like to eat together. This is what our Godly love should be like. A crow on the other other hand makes a horrible crowing noise – it is aggravating and tiring to hear it. When we ask to kyo, kya, kaise (how, what, why) – the k k k makes us sound like crows. It is this sound that makes us internally tired.

Even though I never actually stayed with Gange Dadi I had so much regard for her – she did amazing service and had such renunciation . This is what you call prem – it is the love that exists between us – the love that gpois have for one another. It is prem not pyaar that we must have for one another because if we give someone pyaar and they won’t let go of us. If you have pyaar for one , you wil have enimity for another. Prem can melt anything, anyone. When it comes to gold, I can become gold but then I need to become real gold because even gold can have alloy in it. You need a bhatti to remove / melt the alloy. When it comes to extracting gold also it is found deep under the mountains – in the mines. So to become gold we need to go deep inside and then we need to make the effort to extract it. The mountain is so large and the gold that emerrges is just a small tiny piece but it has so much value. In fact some countries they become well known and their value increases because of their gold deposits. We too have to make Baba well known and increase His honour by becoming real gold.

We have to do this through this through our face and our activity. Both these things reveal the degree of honesty that lies inside us. We can’t say that we are honest but others don’t know it. The certificate has to come from all those who are in connection with us. They should feel that from us because it can’t be hidden. There are 3 signs of someone who is honest. 1) They have a certain level of faith in themselves. No matter what comes in front of them, they wont deviate from their honesty and truth. They will remain true to it. 2) They won’t have ego – not even a drop of arrogance. When you are honest, people naturally trust you. Baba can have trust in you. Shantamani Dadi – Baba had said that she was truthful. She remained totally peaceful throught her life – she never become angry ever. When there is truth you become peaceful. Dadi Ji too was full of love and honesty.

Look at the expansion that has happened from the history hall to the meditation hall to Om Shanti Bhavan to Gyan Sarover, to Shantivan. It was Baba’s inspiration – He had said from the beginning that all the places would become small. But then everyone helped from all over helped to make it happen – this is called Godly love.

So, first was prem, then pyaar now preet. Preet is connected to faith. A loving and faithful intellect is victorious. Pyaar – is to given to young ones. It is when there is equal brotherly vision. There is no trace of jealousy in pyaar. Jealousy – even the tiniest amount – the feeling that I uncomfortable seeing others move forward. Something happens to me internally. Please have realisation about such things. The Ramayan is a story that begins because with an act of jealousy. It is alos in the Ramayan that they talk aobut Sita stepping out of the line of maryadas. It is essential that we do not step over that line. Be very careful about this.

In many places they don’t understand the language – but there some who still they understand what Dadi says. This is because understanding is to do with the heart and drishti. We need patience to understand one another. Its not anything to do with being a senior or junior. In fact I must always consider myself to be a junior when it comes to learning – there is always something to learn. Let my love be such that I am beyond the consciousness of junior and senior. Baba never treated us like juniors. He always saw us as the child who is to become equal to the Father. I have never treated my service companions like they are juniors. When someone has preet budhi they are beyond senior and junior. Anyone can become anything. It is pyaar and prem that brings you and keeps you in the gathering. Pyaar however is the infant stage whereas preet is like very strong thread – it ties the gathering together. It keeps us togethet – it creates inside us the feeling of wanting to eat together, play together, laugh together, share the murli together.

When it comes to the murli we revise it for ourselves and then we repeat it to others. Whatever I revise inside myself is what will emerge from my lips. If I revise wrong things it will go into my account of sin. Now is the time to stop thinking about others but I have to focus on the self. A faithful intellect will lead to victory and doubtful intllect will lead to destruction. Know the constrast between the two.

The ant of doubt bites many. It bites in such a way that the soul cannot even say “Baba” with love. There was one such soul whom Dadi thought would surely become a queen because of the high level of faith she had but then she became such! Beware! Doubt can totally make you lose awareness. A faithfully intellect leads to victory. Many have such great faith to day but tomorrow they develop doubt. It can happen to anyone as anytime. Become like an orginal jewel who have such deep faith. Faith is something that emerges from inside, that emerges from your eyes. Make yourself like Baba! Look at how Baba is… become like that!

Pyar, prem, preet – go into the depths of these types of love. Sneh (Godly love) makes the soul complete. The other three give support. God’s love the power of faith, the family’s love… all three are there for us.

There should be so much Godly love and the love to become complete filled in remembrance. It is this that will make the soul complete. The Father is like the alchemist’s stone; He changes whoever comes into His company. Further, one who comes into the company of one in God’s company also gets the chance to change. We have a choice and chance to change. Everyone has a chance to come in the 108. Don’t remain in the bondage of your old sanskaras. If you do then even if you want to change you will struggle to. If you look at one person with one type of vision and another person with another type of vision then you will defame the Father’s name.

Faith, intoxication and the aim. We need to keep these three with us all the time. Time is short. It is time to surrender with my body, mind, heart and intellect. I need to emerge all of these in God’s love. Don’t consider yourself to be junior or senior. No, I have to become one who is merged in God’s love. If you consider yourself to be senior then that will come into your relationships. All we have to do is to become an example of what God is and what God has. Make a vow from today to take only Baba’s drishti… to be merged in only His love.

It is me who has to follow God’s directions. It is not my task to look at others and see if they are following. May responsibility is to see that my head is guided by God’s shrimat. Leave all questions and doubts… everything is already destined and everything happened a kalpa ago.
Om Shanti