Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dadi Janki – 4th July 2010 (pm) – History Hall, Pandav Bhavan

My family of three!

Dadi Janki came up from Shantivan for a night, and had the sudden thought to meet Madhuban Niwasis in the History Hall after an evening session in Gyan Sarovar with guests. Dadi was very pleased to see everyone up close and it reminded her of the days of meetings with BapDada.

It's so nice that drama has shown us this scene. Thank you for accummulating happiness in my account. Baba and drama fulfill all of Dadi's thoughts, isn't it? The History Hall holds precious memories of the drishti and blessings received from BapDada. Baba taught us the art of living in this Hall. It was here that Baba taught me what keeping a chart means. I was attentive to checking my chart everyday, but one night Baba said, "Do you cause sorrow for anyone? If not, then it means you keep a good chart." Chart doesn't mean your routine alone, but chart means checking your dharna. See that no action of yours keeps you away from Baba's love. Never think Baba loves us for free... Baba shouldn't have to sit and please me like a parent would pamper a baby. I shouldn't have a baby intellect that makes me crave for Baba's attention and pampering. Why compare yourself with others? Why say, "Baba is giving so-and-so more love"? You just create your fortune and you will automatically claim Baba's love.

Once in Baba's room, Baba told me, "Your fortune is in Baba's hands..." Since then I always see Baba's hand on my head. When Baba's hand is on our head, and our hand in His hand, our future and destination are guaranteed. There is great strength received through Baba's company.

It's not a big deal to keep the mind, intellect and sanskars in order, is it? I have a very small family of three that I have to take care of. Take care of these and it then becomes easy to keep the five senses in order. You then won’t need to talk big about soul-consciousness, or the bodiless stage or about being a Brahmin or an angel - just learn how to keep the mind, intellect and sanskars in check.

When souls come in front of Dadi Gulzar, they just want drishti. What is it about Dadi Gulzar's drishti? There must be something very subtle about her purusharth; when there is nothing else in your mind and heart apart from Baba and His knowledge, you are able to give such powerful drishti. Whatever is in your awareness, comes forth in your attitude and further in your drishti. Fill your smriti (awareness) with the consciousness of being a child of the previous cycle; Baba is teaching me how to use my time in a worthwhile way. When souls come to meet Dadi Janki, they want to hear something from her. It takes strong will to come in front of the seniors and hear what they need to share, whether it be sweet and loving, or firm teachings.

Dadi wants to see who amongst you is like my Baba. Serve your companions and other souls with your knowledge, yoga and dharna. Let knowledge, yoga and dharna govern your existence. Be simple and a sample like Baba. Let your company give joy to others - this is why we dedicated ourselves in service, isn't it? Don't try to please others superficially - always be ready to say 'Ha Ji' when it comes to making others happy. Make yourself available wherever service is required.

There were many late nights when Baba would walk from Kota House to Dholpur House (houses we lived in before we came to Pandav Bhawan) to check on the children. Dadi Prakashmani too would walk through the buildings after everyone was asleep to see that everything was all right - that is caring from the heart.

You don't have to worry about physical comforts and facilities. Baba will always look after you. Once Baba was asked whether he had slept well at night, and Baba replied, "Why ask me that? If I woke up at night, I would be able to sit and remember Baba..." We worry so much about our health etc but Baba would transform everything and see the benefit. Dadi never takes a sleeping pill no matter what condition the chariot may be in. What if I leave the body in my sleep? That wouldn't be a good example. Doctors sometimes tell me not to wake up for Amrit Vela. I say, 'OK, I won't wake anyone else up but the time will wake me up for sure..." Adhere to our routine, follow our codes of conduct with sincerity and become the worthy child Baba wishes to see. Baba can't do much with an overly sensitive and fussy child. Who can fulfill Baba's wishes if not us? Let us now put our heart and soul into fulfilling Baba's desires.

Om Shanti


Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar & Dadi Ratan Mohini - Teachers Bhatti – Shantivan – 2.7.10

A beautiful gathering of angels had gathered in the Conference Hall this evening. As each one entered, they were given a sandalwood tilak. All three Dadis were on stage. The Madhurvani group sang a welcome song. The Dadis shared their feelings and aim for the bhatti. Over 500 senior Teachers who have been serving for 31 years and over were present from all over Bharat

Dadi Gulzar

From time to time we have these bhattis. Baba is making us move forward. Now, according to the time, Baba is making us ever-ready. We all have to bring newness in service, through the self and relations, and to be the form of perfection. We all take classes on dharna, but now Baba wishes to see each child become equal, complete and a perfect angel. Your attitude of pure feelings and good wishes should in your practical stage, as you give love and co-operation.

Baba’s and Mama's pure drishti, pure attitude and co-operation make everyone move forward. Through your good wishes make each one move along - just as you saw Mama and Baba do. You saw how Mama used to give teachings to the youngest of the young whilst being very loving and respectful. Now don't say you will do this (karanga); you have to demonstrate it practically.

From this bhatti Baba wants that His right hand instruments become such that others seeing them are inspired by them and are filled with power.

Baba draws our attention to two things: our stage of soul consciousness and of being an angel whilst moving and coming into action. Even now from the subtle region Baba comes and shows us how to be like angels. Come into action like an angel that is light and has might. He wants you to have the stage of soul consciousness, and for to be seen in your face and action. Not that it will happen but it has to happen. Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of you instruments, others will follow; everyone’s eyes are on you hero actors. So, one is to have the stage of being an angel and other is to have a stage of soul consciousness. I am a soul and see others as a soul; this is the practical stage Baba wants to see. We are seeing the situation of the world; the five elements are showing you the state it is in.

Through the service of the mind and good wishes you have to be content with the self and others should be content with you.

This meeting happens every year. It happens and you all make promises to Baba and Baba becomes happy no doubt but now let this happen through your mind, words, action and relations practically. Baba wants each of His children to show wonders and become instruments. You are the stars of hope, the ones with love and respect. This bhatti is for you to fulfill these hopes. Show Baba your practical form and to create a good atmosphere. Go from here, having imbibed these things.

We have to give the result at amrit vela. Have the determined thought it will happen, don't say ‘we will’ (ga ga)…

Ratan Mohini Dadi

Seeing today’s gathering, everyone must have this internal feeling and awakening that we must do what Baba wants us to do. Baba wants to see us as angels we have to fulfill Baba's hopes. Sometimes we are not able to do it but seeing this gathering everyone has the feeling we want to be this. When there is the feeling, there is benefit in that. Become totally silent internally and come into action; with this good feeling do tapasya in this gathering like Baba did in the early days. Feel that you are dead to this old world.

Baba wants to see us like Himself. We have received so much sustenance. Now internally become silent, merge everything, become distant from everything, forget everything and with this aim of tapasya awaken the power within. Whatever weakness you have, with this power do what Baba wants you to do, bring it into your practical life. Through your drishti, attitude and power of your mind change your activity and behaviour.


Dadi Janki

We have to become complete and perfect. Let all tasks be done by saying ‘om shanti’ three times. We have to make our stage stable. We have to go home. It's simple when we hear the word ‘bhatti’. When Baba became avyakt, bhattis started and avyakt murlis were read. We started to use the word ‘bhatti’, when Baba's children started to come and have experiences. Once I said to Baba, “What service can I do?” Baba said: Have a Teachers bhatti. This is when the Training Centre was under construction. Baba had bhattis in the early days, and then when Baba became avyakt. It’s through these bhattis that you have reached this far in service.

Each murli you hear touches the heart. Baba tells us how, in order to be the embodiment of awareness, we have to churn and think about what Baba says and how our churning be, so that our awareness becomes elevated.

Through manan chintan our attitude becomes pure and elevated. I have seen the sweet Dadis, I have seen the ancestor souls, how each one did service, whilst we all enjoyed good relationships with each other. We did an unlimited amount of service. What does bhatti mean? Whatever thought you create, happens. Baba once said to me: You have to get teachers ready. Actually, the word ‘training’ is gross; we have to have faith and that devotional feeling of love.

Let each of you make good, practical effort and take out the words ‘but’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. Speaking about a situation makes it big. If the situation (baat) is in front of you, that means Baba (Bap) is not. When you keep Baba with you, any situation - whether of the body or relations - would feel as if it's nothing new, and at the same time the same thing won't happen again. Sweet Baba says: Nothing new.

Everyone has received the study, sustenance and benefit, so from the heart in a subtle way your activity and behaviour improve the quality of your thoughts. See how much sustenance you have all received. There is no one as happy as we are. In the world everyone is thirsty for love and peace. We become donors and distribute these. Keep all three in front of you. To say 'what?’ is not in your honour. Count how much benefit you have received; go into the depth of knowledge, play with these gems. The connection between vision and attitude is awareness. Keep your awareness high; this is what makes you a conqueror of attachment.

Baba has given all of us direct sustenance. We have been given much happiness, Baba made us mature and sensible. Mama came into everyone’s vision. All did service but Mama churned the murli and the Dadi's did this also.

See how much expansion there has been. Baba says the time will come when there will be 900,000. We are the ones who will attain a royal status. People will be pulled to come by our honesty, love and peace. We won’t need to give the message. Good souls are emerging. We just have to be the embodiment.

Baba has given you shrimat to make you like Himself. If you take care not to follow the dictates of your own mind (manmat) you can now make others like yourself. Seeing such gathering of angels, Baba would say: People will have visions of you.

Our personality is purity. No impure or waste thought can come. There is honesty, altruistic feelings and no hunger for respect. Your personality should be like Brahma Baba’s. There was no other like him. People use to feel “He is mine”. The personality of mama baba dadiji its study, sustenance and attainment is seen.

Baba has made me world server. Baba is the World Benefactor. Our Baba has instilled renunciation and tapasya. In our bones, in our every vein. Check yourself: do you have the attitude of disinterest and renunciation? It feels good to make others your companions and be cooperative with godly love.

Baba says this time now is so valuable. Time is coming to an end. If we do, others will see and do the same.

This is the first bhatti of the season. Its waves are reaching the world. It becomes a means for others to come close. If for some reason someone has become distant, bring them close. No one should just go away. If there is heaviness make them light and give them might. If you pay attention to this and have courage, Baba helps.

Om shanti.


"May you be holy, may you be yogi "