Sunday, August 8, 2010

from a friend

I'll never be the same person bitter and problematic.
I'll replace my bad temper by an amiable and pleasant attitude.
I get it because I am willing to do so.
Firstly, I must convince myself that I am the sole owner and responsible for my life.
I will not wait passively to me only good things happen. When you submit will be ready to face the difficulties.
I can, I must trust me.
I will blame for the failures. For no reason, life or blame other people for them, nor will punish them with my hostility.
When you feel anger for whatever reason, will avoid that notice.
Nobody is responsible for carrying the weight of my troubles.
I will exercise full control over my thoughts, so that it can take me every thing in due time.
If my plans do not go well, I know accept this fact, although not like it.
Whenever you are angry, I promise to keep calm.
Who keeps quiet have greater control over the situation.
Not answer the first impulse.
I'll give myself enough time to experience a good idea.
I can explode at any moment.
I shall express my irritation so quiet and sincere who provoke me.
Leave to intervene before many situations that others do not affect me directly.
The problems are daily passengers.
So say goodbye to the habit of transforming the setbacks of life tragedies. Give the exact amount for each problem.
I will not let a bad time to mess with me all day.
I will strengthen my will to not let me dominate the irritation.
Every day, I am aware of everything that is valuable or that is a cause for joy. I will not dwell on criticism or a complaint.
Look at the bright side of things and the positive qualities of people.
Learn to laugh at life, problems, myself.
I will make the joy an entire way of being.
The serenity and good humor will be the most remarkable traits of my character.
To those around me will be met very nice for me to tell my friends or my company.
Finally, I feel really comfortable with myself.
have a good week