Tuesday, August 10, 2010



My True mama and papa are calling me home
I’ve been playing and playing and my clothes are all dirty
But my mother and father both sit on a throne
I’ve had many friends along the way some very flirty
But its getting late,the sun is setting, my intellect has turned too stone
Like the Greek hero Jason, I have been enchanted by the Medussa for long enough
Now revelation and freedom are beckoning, times are getting tough

Can you not hear the Clarion call of the Arch Angel Gabriel
The ratatattat of the golden bugle calling all souls too return home
My Mama and Papa are calling me home too the world of silence
Though my playmates want too keep playing out in the cold in defiance
The playground is going too be rebuilt, with all new swings and slippery dips
And all the grounds are being reseeded with new grass and flowers
And all of Gods children will be given a gift of 8 powers

So I’ll be off soon please don’t stay out too late
My parents have been calling they are impatient they cannot wait
My home is of sweet silence and is decorated Golden Red colour
And I look like a bright star in the evening sky twinkling in Peace
So whether you are Christian,or Buddhist or Athiest whatever your belief
We all come from the same world, the same stock, a true United Nations
Though we play different parts, like a play at the theatre
Some are lead roles, some just create litter

My Mama and papa are a callin so I’ll be of now
See you again in the future when the playground is rebuilt
We can play Cowboys and Indians and have a Pow Wow
Or shoot em up bank robbers with pistols going pow pow
Aribaderchi, a farewell too you, too you I give a salute