Tuesday, September 21, 2010

accurate yoga

To have meditation you don,t need too sit in a lotus position

Meditation is primarily a discipline of the mind and attitude more than they preach about at those Hatha Yoga courses and venues. They sit in very tight positions with concentration on there breath or a mantra etc. But here this is a royal yoga, Raja Yoga, where it is a discipline of the mind, where you make God your own, and you make your mind his. The main practice is soul consciousness where I consider myself a living point of light, a guest in this body, but you can practice anywhere in bed, in the shower at work in a natural calamity. You just concentrate your mind and intellect on being a point of light and connect too your father, though you do need some physical practices too remind you of your connection. We listen too a recital early in the morning of the founders experiences, we eat vegetarian food, are celibate and every 2 hours aim too have 5 mins meditation. The coolness of our meditation helps cool down all the souls of the world, through creating a canopy of silence and peace over the whole planet.