Sunday, September 19, 2010


The Progress of your Spirituality

This basically means the amount of time in any 48 hour period you remain soul conscious or in an unlimited attitude the same as God would have. Some things we know about God, is, he is all powerful, all knowledgeful and eternally pure. The one thing probably unknown about that being is he never has any unnecessary thoughts, but only thoughts according too the Drama-plan or the scheme of things. So too be truly spiritual we as human souls have that potential too be God-like, not God, because that position is already taken, but divine and unlimited. The basic touchstone actually is the amount of thoughts you have. When everything is resolved in your subconscious and your slate is clean, you will be more or less thoughtless, as you were in soul world, before we first incarnated. We wont be absolutely silent because we do live in the world and do actions accordingly, but our thoughts will be naturally much more controlled and universal. This is the sign of a self realized soul. Also our words and actions will follow suite and be clean and accurate , and economical but fruitful