Thursday, September 30, 2010


On the path of renunciation, true ascetics tend too renounce there home and family, even there colourful clothes, jewellery and possessions. This seems too be the tendencies of Eastern philosophies, they would even move out into the jungles and eat just honey and wild berries. Western renunciates are a whole lot less severe, except for certain monks and nuns, but in general people of the cloth have beautiful churches and ornate statues, special garments and (particularly the Catholic church), lots of property etc.Both forms are good examples of love for God and following Gods examples but actually renunciation isn’t a physical thing, but is actually too do with the soul. The paraphernalia is good but its really about renunciation of the ego and the consciousness of the body. So we renounce the 5 vices and fill that void with Gods companionship and power, we don’t renounce our normal activity unless it does fall into the realm of taking our intellect away from God. You should be happy with your choices in life and any renunciation should come from your heart and soul , not because you are told too do this and that.(