Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get your baggage packed

For International travellers nowadays things have become a bit tough, all the rules and regulations about what you can take on board the plane, no liquids, no sharps, everything is screened separately including your laptops ,some places you have too take your shoes off blah blah. And now British experts are complaining peoples comfort is being jeopardized. Meditation is like that as well, you need too pack up all your waste thoughts, impure thoughts, and too get into heaven on opening day, even your ordinary thoughts. So no illegal attitudes will be allowed in the gates of Heaven, though it is a natural security measure. Heaven has absolute peace and happiness, there is no trace of sorrow. Even when someone dies no sorrow is felt, they just shed one body and take another. There are no boundaries either, where border disputes can take place, or airspace is compromised.Even a 12 year old can fly a flying machine, there is such safety there. So someone who is aiming too meditate accurately should have this picture in there mind. Of course God creates Heaven but you need too communicate with him in order for him too open the gates for you, St Peter wont be opening the gates, hes not a customs official:)