Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The charioteer consciousness is the foundation of the Brahma Kumaris, of Raja Yoga meditation. This means doing every action with the attitude that I am a soul operating this chariot, the body, under Gods directions. There are in fact, and I have stated this before, many many positive thinking experts, who motivate people and give expert advice too big big companies, but what is there reason, there motivation for doing that? It is usually out of a need arisen from profit motivation, and desire for self glorification, not out of true empathy and world benefit. Someone that comes too mind is Anthony Robbins and his master class tapes. He is very astute, cool, calm and collected with a chortling, musical sound about his voice like a bell ringing. And he continually reminds the listener too understand who you are, not whether you are a barrister or housewife or depressed or this or that ,no, but who you truly are, though he never puts it into exact words. Who you are is a living point of light, a soul , who resides in the centre of the forehead, and your original religion is peace and silence. This is the real deal. But still even as I speak or write(:)) the world is still coming apart at the seams. Stock markets are collapsing, hurricanes are blowing,floods are flooding, rascism is brewing, people are getting shot at in down town Sydney in there homes. So who has the power and know how too answer all these problems.The answers my friends are blowing in the wind, a quote from a famous song. I think God himself has too fix all these problems, and fix up his work which has gone horribly wrong .The roof is leaking, the garden has turned too weeds, the carpets are threading, the beds are full of bugs, the paint is peeling and my heart needs healing. For help goto