Saturday, October 23, 2010

Supersensuous Joy

This means happiness or joy beyond the senses, that is not from food or drink or company but flowing naturally from your own soul, this is the goal of Raja Yoga meditation with the Brahma Kumaris. This would be akin too the stage and outlook of the deities of Heaven(Golden Age). They say in scientific circles as normal human beings we only use 5% of our brains, thus 95% must be wasted. How is this so? In morning meditation this morning I came too some conclusion. The soul also resides in the centre of the brain behind the eyes, a brilliant sparkling point of light energy, a sentient being. And we operate this main frame computer the brain, sending and receiving signals too the rest of the body and vise-versa. In fact most signals are automatic, like a tree growing, blossoming etc.But what naturally occurs over time is we develop hard-wired nuerons from using the same communication paths in the brain, these can be seen under ctv scanners. This becomes like our egocentric qualities or ego. This can be illustrated in accident victims where one person has lost half his brain, and the brain reroutes nuerons around the affected area and the person acts as per normal. In a soul conscious state or even deeper, a super consciousness stage, the brain actually doesn't have any hardwired nueron routes, the soul uses all variety of regions of the brain at the same time, thus a 100% of the brain, this is actually the egoless stage, where the soul is godlike, knows the 3 aspects of time, the past present and future. Nothing is left up too chance, every action is accurate and fruiful. The challenge is whilst nearing this stage the soul is open too sudden attack from illusion, because the hard wiring of the brain can reconnect within seconds , and so I become like an eagle attracted too a field mouse, plummeting too earth in search of small prey. This is a natural process that we all must undergo, but at the time of great tension and upheaval I hope our resourcefullness is intact and not suffocated under fear and tension :)