Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The tree of humanity

In the world today I have noticed on TV there is some much disputes and even wars caused by religious intolerances. Which is very ironic because the essence of religion actually is 'love they neighbour', the practice of virtues and love, the devotion too God or a higher being. You would think practically that this would rub off on the followers of religions from top too bottom, but no, it doesn't seem that way. Why, well its due too 2 factors, one is the scientific fact of entropathy and the second is the law of karma. Entropathy is that every atom or element goes from it highest level of energy or purity too its lowest but then back up too its highest once again, and the law of karma states that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, and more subtley, in fact the soul is not immune too the effects of action, the weight of action or its karmic value is in fact stored in the soul, even after death. You can look at the growth and development of the world as a huge tree( just like your family tree at home) but this one involves everyone. The seed of the tree is God, the creator, then you would have Adam and Eve the base, and then there progeny, and the branches would be like the various religions, such as Judaism founded by Abraham, then that splitting into Islam and Christianity. Another would be Christianity founded by Jesus Christ etc and so on the true grows upward and outward. So now it is so huge and complicated souls have forgotten who God is and what he looks like and also we have done so many actions we have become tired and run down or misdirected, and our consciousness has become dulled and body conscious, so we have forgotten the Father and turned on our brothers and sisters, even forgetting we are brothers and sisters, so now the tree has too be felled and replanted