Friday, November 12, 2010

Ego and the Pursuit of happiness

The Ego is always on the lookout trying too fill the void in the soul with temporary or sensual stimulation and happiness. Sometimes it is obvious, in the form of exotic foods(tasty), fast cars and fast woman or it can be in a religious or spiritual form, such as I and Mine. Like, my position in the church, my understanding of the scriptures, my abstinence from sex or alcohol, the amount of time I meditate or pray, etc etc. These are all ego and body consciousness speaking. The symptoms of any form of ego, believe or not lies in the measurement of time and space. According too Ekhart Tole can be recognized when we are weighing up time or placing ideas in a time frame.This is a very deep understanding of ego, not for the faint hearted, because time is cyclic thus has no beginning or end , and also matter is eternal( the atom can neither be created nor destroyed), so everything I think I control or own is eternal and constantly changing. Thus along with your practice of mediation and prayer constant study is also a necessity too keep the intellect oiled and clean of the dust of the vices and body consciousness. This could be called becoming the conqueror of attachment, something Christ and the great Sages and saints achieved."If the postage stamp of the conqueror of attachment is applied then the postage will definitely reach its destination.
In hindi the wording is self explanatory. 'Vichitra' one without an image(God)
'chit' chatter or recording of the mind
'chitra' body
'chetan' living body

So too be God-like and too commune with God the mind and body need training