Sunday, November 28, 2010


In the world at large they speak of the Intellect, and its mainly connected too men and there intellectual ability. You'll hear the comment 'Oh that person has a good intellect' or 'He/she has a sharp intellect' and it is usually too do with the amount of knowledge they have imbibed in scientific studies. The Intellect actually is in the soul as one of the 3 powers of the soul, i.e mind,intellect and sanskaras(subconscious) and nothing at all too do with the brain, in fact scientific research has said we as humans usually only 5% of our mental capacity and someone like Albert Einstein would have used 7%, so theres alot of unused mental capacity there.The intellect works on the level of breadth and depth of knowledge, not just the obvious but the sublime, this is typically seen in calculus in rocket science or in the study of odds. Another name used for the intellect is the 'third-eye' or in hindi the 'buddhi', so a highly trained intellect operates like another eye seeing into the depth of a problem or into the mind of God even, and into our own heart and mind. In fact a pure intellect is directly connected and operated by the soul, who also resides in the brain just behind the physical eyes, in a space sometimes called the seat of consciousness.halfway between, the hypothalmus gland and the thalmus gland. In actual fact if you were able too keep all your mental activity focussed only on and in that region you would be the most powerful soul on earth, like superman, but our karmas and enviroments work against this, and we only use our third eye when were dreaming or something, or if your a meditator only when meditating, pity though God has given us such an amazing untapped resource we should utilize it