Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Maze

In this mornings study it was mentioned the idea that meditation and the unravelling of the soul is like travelling through a maze with the final destination, the cupie doll being God or a complete relationship and connection with God. I remember as a young teenager going too our local fair, one of the attraction was always this maze. You could hear the music of the Ferris Wheel and smell the Fairy floss and peanut brittle. The many passages of the maze were mirrored and you would frighten yourself with your own image, eventually you would find a disguised exit too each passageway, you could here trapped kids next too you in blind allys, it was all very exiting. Unravelling the layers of the subconscious is exactly like that, until you come into the light, which is also you (the soul-the living point of light). This is the entertainment of meditation