Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naming ceremony

When we have a new baby even before it is born a name is decided by the parents, hopefully the child is of the right sex too the name, sometimes as the child grows up it wants too change gender anyway or doesn't like its name. The Christians have given the Almighty the name God, which comes from germanic roots, i.e Gudan and its root basically means 'to call' or 'invoke'. Which is a nice genderless name. The hindu or more notably sanskrit word for God is Shiva Baba, which means the world benefactor Father, and is a name form his form as well as his job. His form is that of a living point of light, located in the world of Golden red light. Commonly remembered in Buddhism as Nirvana, also the name of a popular band. The human soul is also a living point of light but we take on various bodies and play our parts where as God never goes through birth or death, so is ever pure, all knowledgeful, all benevolant.