Thursday, November 11, 2010


In this day and age of I pads,micro-chips and titanium steel the world has come a long way. From Horse and carts, milk in glass bottles, cash in the hand on payday. Or has it , the inventions have become more and more refined and cheap too create as well, but the users have become more intolerant, greedy and insensitive. The two just don't go together. But actually, and heres something you will not have heard before, when science and silence(spirituality) come together hand in hand then Heaven has arrived at our doorstep (A perfect world) In hindi gyan(knowledge) doesn't just mean intellectual knowledge but also spiritual knowledge and the final stage of Gyan and Yoga is Vigyan, beyond knowledge and science. Creation is a point, Atom, destruction is also a point(splitting the atom) God is also a point (Jyoti bindu) the soul is also a point(bindu or atma) and this is a game of points. So Heaven won't be just two semi naked dudes(Adam and Eve) walking around a garden, no it will be the most modern and sophisticated place, but with no violence or pollution, even the word "death" doesn't exist there.It is as if they are Gods and Goddesses walking around as pure and innocent as children but using flying machines, telepathy and the arts too entertain themselves. Buildings will be built of Gold and diamonds, a common building material. Too play a musical instrument one just needs too pick it up, Travel will be as fast as a phone call, nature will be in total harmony with us