Friday, November 26, 2010


The Heart (spiritual) and the soul are pretty close too one another. Whatever you love in life your mind and intellect will automatically follow suite. A typical example is if you have a lover or beloved, no matter what work you are doing your minds-eye will be constantly moving towards that person. Hence the term 'Lost in love' or 'Head over heels in love' or even 'Love sick'. So when we try too discipline the mind in things such as mediation or positive thinking 9 out 10 times were fighting a losing battle (i.e in losing weight), because the mind cannot be controlled nor the heart for that matter. The mind can be compared too a screen where you watch movies or type up script, this is its job, the change that souls are really seeking is in the intellect and the attitude coming from there outlook. So true spiritua;ity and change occurs when we deepen our outlook and broaden our horizons, this occurs in the subconscious. So the key too this is tapping into my original nature before I came onto this planet when I was just a point of light, a soul. And when I begin too experience new feelings and attitudes then the soul begins too fly, and my love changes from mundane things too God and world service and meditation. Try it out on this video