Wednesday, November 17, 2010

True Meditation

True meditation or communion or union, is where the practictioner considers themselves a soul and focus's there minds-eye on God, the Supreme soul. So I will begin too feel, first of all, that I am a child of God and secondly that my Father has come too spread peace and love back too the Planet and too his children. With this accurate meditation you will begin too feel all souls are my brothers, no matter what race or creed. Some Yogas in there meditation practices tend too renounce and detach from the world, but if you are truly meditating on the Father of all souls you will have even more love for your Partners and children, the community, the country you live in and the world at large. Actually if you know the truth and are experiencing the truth you will go out of your way too tell or expose souls too that feeling, no matter there past or present situation. Everyone has the right too receive there fathers inheritance, so don't be miserly