Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pure meditation

Question: Due to which main speciality are only the deities called worthy of worship?

Answer: Only the deities have the speciality of not remembering anyone. Neither do they remember the Father, nor do they remember the images of others. This is why they are said to be worthy of worship. There, there is nothing but happiness. This is why there is no need to remember anyone. By remembering the one Father now, you become so pure and worthy of worship that you won’t need to remember anyone later on.

So as you can see when our minds eye becomes corrupted or adulterated by ego or desire our link with Baba becomes watered down and we don't experience the complete power from the almighty authority. so our judgement begins too fail and our relationships with friends and family and colleagues will become sour over time, so always keep The Lord thy God inbetween