Sunday, December 19, 2010

Transfixed by Desire

Some souls in our Universe are totally succumbed too there desires, do you remember Gollum from Lord of the Rings , when his brother was fishing and pulled up a trout with The Ring in it. Then they fought and Gollum killed his brother out of desire for MY PRECIOUS. And by the end of the series he was totally devoured by his passion too such an extent, even physically his human body had become animalistic and deformed as if the life force had been sucked out of it. That happens in the real world as well, whatever our intellect focuses on the most, whether it is money, name and fame etc , all our energy naturally flows too that goal or transfixation, sometimes even destroying our bodies and relationships, until we are spiritually destroyed. In meditation the opposite will happen though the same force and focus is used, we can in fact fix up our life and our attitude until we the souls become PRECIOUS too ourselves and useful too God and other souls. We begin too channel pure light and love from God too the world around us and too suffering souls and the Darkness will be dispersed and the Middle Kingdom will become the Kingdom of Heaven. Try it out for yourself