Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A cheerful face

Have you been able too go through life always with a cheerful face, never losing your cool, or cussing at some one or putting a foot wrong. I know I haven't, I was OK until I was 16 or 17 and then all hell broke loose, I pulled out all the stops, all those buried emotions and feelings were allowed too surface and lots of s### hit the fan. But also it was a good learning curve for me and I began too get a better grasp of my strengths and weaknesses, and the truth behind how people saw me, it wasn't just mind games. In fact this drove me desperately too know who I was, not what they told me at church or what my parents told me, or even my friends or my multitude of inner voices. I was told constantly I was cheerful and loveable but I knew otherwise. I studied martial arts for 5 years and consulted the I ching and many self help books as well as Astrologers. They all told me I was Great, a force too be reckoned with not seen in this world, a white witch , a worthy sage etc.
But I wanted too see this power with my own eyes, then I stumbled upon Raja Yoga Meditation. It was too be held in my local High school at a after hours art and crafts school, and all the great Masters of martial arts would meditate as well as do there Art form. So I thought I would give it a crack. It turns out all the participants were middle aged house wifes, but I was intrigued. The teacher was a lanky sort of fellow who during the day was an architectural drawer and a musician. He said at every red light on the  way he had 1 minutes meditation, and he proceeded too ramble on about cyclic time, the soul, the laws of karma blah blah blah, I had heard it all before, my eyelids were getting heavier. Then finally he said Ok lets practice some meditation. He put on a commentary tape, a beautiful English voice wafted through the airwaves. She commented how at last we have found our true friend who had been searching for us for birth after birth. I could really relate too this sentence and the poster we used for focus began too come alive. Wave after wave of light and love washed across the room and I felt myself lifting out of my body getting drawn too the Source, this being of immortality whom they called Shiva Baba, a being of infinite love and power. The session finished and I floated home, I was bodiless for two weeks after that session, I began too smile once again TRY THIS