Saturday, January 8, 2011

House Cleaning

I am sure your all familiar with house cleaning in one way or another, either you don,t do it at all (get someone else) or are fanatical, or somewhere inbetween. House cleaning is a very good metaphor for meditation. That is the household of the soul needs too be cleaned all the time really. Think of the soul as a priceless antique Grand Piano sitting in the Great Room of your Palace, and your The Queen of England, with visitors passing through every day. You are a person of great responsibility and influence, in fact appointed by God too your office (divine title) so your house, your household and furniture will be run like a well oiled machine, and your state of cleanliness would be paramount in the running of the kingdom. Even a bit of dust sitting on that Grand piano would stand out like a sore thumb or dust on chandaliers etc. So in the same way when you begin too meditate on God and the soul begins too shine with such intensity, any areas which are neglected by your staff, will show up, and cause displeasure too you and your guests. They will be gossipping amongst themselves, "Oh shes the Queen of England and her reception room looks like a brothel", and it would also be printed in all the papers, and such a slur would take months too contain. So your the same, with deep meditation, but all this chatter  would be on a subtle level. In fact it is commented cleanliness is next too Godliness, because in our original form as souls we are spotless, no name or trace of dirt or sorrow. Even thoughts don,t exist, it is a world of Silence and we are like bright stars like Alpha Centauri