Sunday, January 23, 2011


                             PASSPORT OF HEAVEN


Nowadays you have too Pay $200-00 too Canberra too get your Passport when you want too travel  overseas because every country has created there borders on land and in the sky. In Heaven there will be no boundaries or borders , all souls will have the right and the facilities too travel from one end of the earth too the other and in a very quick time, even a 12 year old will be able too fly a flying machine. In Heaven everyone is happy so everything goes smoothly and now in a state of Hell everything is destructive and restrictive. So lets try and get a new type of Passport. Its called a Passport of   virtue      ((Contentment) but you will need the Special certificates of tolerance and the power of accommodation. Australia Day is upon us so all you new immigrants try for this citizenship as well as your normal Australian citizenship, this one will last for eternity