Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winning the Lottery

Ever wanted too win a million dollars from Lottery and imagined what you would spend the money on . Well I will let you in on a little secret, that you wont find in the Book. Every time you act or move along with good intentions, with the highest regard for your fellow man, with the attitude that god is making you move, then in currency terms you would be earning multi-millions at every step that you took. I lie too you not, that is the Karmic rate of pure actions. The only catch is it probably wont be unlocked too you in this lifetime, unless of course you want too take the money and run. But if you are thinking like that then that is not the calibre of attitude I am talking about. Imagine you did not have too worry about anything for birth after birth, everything was laid out for you and you just enjoyed your lives. I kid you not, this is the truth, but if you are a Greedy guts you probably wont acknowledge this message anyway. Anyhow it takes all types too have a horse race you have your odds on and your 100:1 bets. Anyhow the message is chill out and stop chasing after limited desires and quick fixes and start investing in your long time future OM SHANTI