Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Fly Zone

Due too International movements through the United Nations an International Fly Zone has been created too stem the violence in Libya. Spiritually speaking we can see through the ages the cause and effect of actions and attitudes has intensified and become more far spread. For example anything you write in an email at anytime is recorded somewhere on the web and can be regurgitated at anytime and used against you for example in a case of law. So what happens on one side of the planet is echoed on the other side, this can be seen in the Greenhouse effect where practically speaking the Polar regions are melting and shrinking and in Australia for example flooding has increased hundred fold, even the greatest skeptic couldn't say something is amiss. So in Spiritiual terms if this expotential effect can be measured so can the Positive aspects of attitude also be magnified 1000:1. So in my case when I meditate on God on the Supreme Soul accurately with full concentration and knowledge, him being the creator the all knowing one, the ever pure one, then my thought will be magnified 1000:1 and the ripple effect will touch every corner and every crevice of our planet sending wave after wave of peace and love too the barren bleeding Mother Earth and too my brothers and sisters tortured and tormented by negativity wherever they may be. If enough of us do this it will blanket every inch of the world so a no fly zone of negative attitudes and vibration will permeate across the Planet. Try it
Scientific study of the effect of meditation