Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pure intentions

Once you begin connecting too a higher source in meditation (even in prayer), then the power from that higher source automatically begins too flow into your subconscious, flushing out any dirt and debris and making the soul resonate at the same level as the source. So I suggest the best connection too create is with God, because that soul is an Ocean of Power, pure and untouched, and limitless. Though any higher vibration will suffice but you most well get your moneys worth. Because meditation is an investment in time and energy, but the returns aren't always apparent in the short term. So too connect you need too understand your own level of vibration, what things short circuit that and the address of God ( otherwise you are wasting your time. Once you are on the journey and feeling the benefits (Peace, happiness, accuracy) then you will begin too live in a protective bubble, and the dirt and sorrow of the Modern world won't affect you as much, or at least you will be able too bounce back quickly if it does (be on the lookout for the soul robbers :))