Saturday, April 2, 2011

God descends into the Medium and Speaks

Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
Today, the Great-great-grandfather is seeing the lines of fortune of His children who are the
few out of multimillions and the handful of that few.  He is seeing the sparkle of the divine,
sparkling star on each one’s forehead.  He is seeing the line of love from their eyes.  He is
seeing the line of knowledge through their mouths.  He is seeing the line in the heart of being
lost in love for the heart of the Comforter of Hearts.  He is seeing the line of the treasures of
knowledge in their hands.  He is seeing on their feet the line of multimillions at every step.
Each child is full numberwise in each of these lines.  No one apart from you can have this
fortune.  Such elevated fortune of each one is visibly sparkling, and this fortune becomes
imperishable.  Why?  Because it is the imperishable Father who gives it to you.  Only at this
confluence age do you attain this elevated fortune which continues in the future too.  This
confluence age is the age of all attainment.  To the extent that each one of you accumulates
your fortune, so you continue to receive the fruit of fortune for many births.  Only you
children know the praise of this confluence age.  The attainments of the confluence age are
the most elevated of the whole cycle.
BapDada is seeing how full each child is with the attainments of the confluence age.  Do all
of you constantly experience all the attainments  of the confluence age or only sometimes?
The Father is imperishable and so the attainments are also imperishable.  You know in which
form BapDada wishes to see all of you, do you not?  BapDada wants every child to be a selfsovereign king, to be a king and rule over the self, that is, over your physical senses and your
mind, intellect and sanskars.  Of course, you will have a right to the kingdom in the future,
but you should now become a king who has a right to self-sovereignty.  All your physical
senses should be under your  control because you have received the treasure of all powers
from the Father.  BapDada wishes to see every child in the form of a king who has a right to
self-sovereignty.  Have all  of you become self-sovereigns, masters of the  self?  Have you
developed ruling power and controlling power over your mind and intellect?  There isn’t any
dependence, is there?  You have a right.  When you keep BapDada with you and you do not
become alone, when you constantly keep the Father as your Companion, then neither your
mind, nor intellect nor sanskars has the power not to be under your  control.  This is why
BapDada always says to the Shaktis: Which form of yours should you always remember so
that you never forget the Father’s company?  That form is: I am a Shiv Shakti.  Shiv and
Shakti are combined.  This awareness automatically makes you a conqueror of Maya and a
conqueror of matter because BapDada has already told you that  at present the elements of
matter are continuing to do their work.  Because human souls have troubled the elements of
nature, they are also troubling human souls.  Nowadays, you are seeing that the elements are
carrying out their work somewhere or other but you are becoming conquerors of matter and
making the elements satopradhan.  People are afraid on seeing the upheaval of the elements
and are wondering what will happen tomorrow.  You know that the best of all will take place
because it is now the confluence age, the amrit vela of the world cycle.  What comes after
amrit vela?  Morning.  Darkness  finishes and there is light.  You are now happy that your 31/03/2011     Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
kingdom of the world of happiness, where matter also gives happiness, has now almost
come.  You have this happiness, do you not?  In that kingdom, there will be no name or trace
of sorrow or peacelessness because you are  becoming the conquerors of matter at the
confluence age.  What is the happiness that all of you have?  Say: Our kingdom is about to
come.  Do you have this happiness?  Those who maintain this happiness, raise your hands!
Very good.  You remain happy and so, congratulations for that!  However, are you enabling
this happiness of yours to reach your brothers and sisters through the rays that you have
received from the Father, because they are experiencing sorrow  and peacelessness?
BapDada had said: Each of you has to  fix  some time in your daily  timetable to do such
service through the mind.  Just as you have fixed a time for other things, in the same way,
through the nourishment of your happiness and with the power of your mind, give them
some blessings and make them happy.  Those who have fixed their time for doing service
through the mind, raise your hands!  Achcha.  Those who haven’t done this are few; so now
fix a time for that because they are your brothers and sisters, are they not?  Do you not feel
mercy?  Or, is it that you don’t feel mercy for them?  You do, do you not?  BapDada wants
to see the two special things of the confluence age that are invaluable: One is the power of
thoughts and the second is the time of the confluence age because in the one birth of the
confluence age you have to create a reward for many births.
Nowadays, BapDada sees that many have fewer impure thoughts but that waste thoughts do
continue to come.  According to the value of this one birth, waste thoughts should now be
finished because, according to the importance of the confluence age, one second gives you a
right to so much invaluable time.  This is why, each one of you has to know the value of
these two things – time and thoughts – and use time and thoughts in a worthwhile way.  Just
as you use your physical treasures in a worthwhile way and you know that by using them in a
worthwhile way in this one birth you will accumulate that attainment for many births, in the
same way, pay attention to both these things; use them in a worthwhile way and become an
image of success.
Today, BapDada is giving each child one special blessing.  Can each of you children make
yourself tension-free from today?  Have the determined thought that, from today, there will
be attention, no tension.  When BapDada sees the children with tension, He feels He should
immediately take their photograph and send it to them, and they will then understand what
they have become.  BapDada wants to make you a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of
the world.  After all, where does tension come?  It comes in the mind, does it not?  You are
kings.  You are masters of the self, are you not?  Is the mind yours or is the mind the master?
What do you say?  Throughout the day, you say “my mind”, do you not?  It is not the master,
is it?  Who has the courage?  You will easily receive the Father’s blessing, but you simply
have to pay a little  attention.  Experience the help of the Father’s blessing and then see.
Whenever you then look at anyone’s face, what will it be like?  Tension-free, like a lotus or a
rose in bloom.
BapDada saw that He has received news from some places of the work He had given you of
writing down your  percentage.  You have the result from here too.  BapDada is 31/03/2011     Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
congratulating you for having paid attention.  However, according to the time, you will not
have so much time to listen and therefore, BapDada now wants you to do service with your
mind, your face and your activity.  The practice you have now will be useful in the times to
come.  Can you have the thought to remain tension-free from today?  Can you do it?  Can
you do it?  Raise your hands!  Tension-free!  Achcha, take everyone’s  photo.  Very good.
Nowadays  tension is increasing a lot in  the world.  When the souls who have tension
according to the circumstances see your experience of being  tension-free and that your
activity and face are tension-free, you will become an image of support for them.  Today,
when you tour around in the world or hear the news, what do  you see?  They continue to
invent ways to make themselves happy temporarily.  Show those who have  tension an
example of being tension-free, and they will be able to see some support.  Did you have the
thought in your mind that you will remain tension-free?  Did you?  Is it a determined thought
or ordinary?  Where there is determination, success is guaranteed.  Not that you will do it at
some point, but that you are definitely going to do it.  Do you like this?  Raise your hands for
this!  BapDada saw one thing which is that  you please Baba by raising your hands.  You
pleased Baba by raising your hands, but what are you going to do now?  There is the
difference of day and night between a determined thought and an ordinary thought: that you
will do it at some point and that you definitely do have to do it.  Today is the last day of this
year’s season, but next season BapDada wants to see every centre, whether small or large –
you have plenty of time till then – next year Baba does not want any reasons or excuses, but
He wants to see you as embodiments of solutions.  How much courage and enthusiasm do
you have for there not to be any name or trace of tension in the Brahmin family?  Is this
possible?  Each one of you can ask yourself; is this possible?  BapDada wants to hear this
good news.
BapDada saw that everyone has a desire to do this, but, when problems come, they make you
belong to them.  Then you say very sweet things: “This happens, does it not?  This will of
course happen.  This continues all the time,  does it not?”  You tell BapDada many very
sweet things.  The solution to everything is simply to become a king, that is all.  Become a
master of the self, a self-sovereign.  Baba is seeing all the children; whether you are sitting in
front of BapDada or you are sitting far away but sitting in the heart, you are all in front of
His eyes.  BapDada is seeing in His heart those who are far away.
BapDada knows that there are small Gita pathshalas set up in Madhuban today.  BapDada is
first of all giving lots and lots and lots of love, affection and remembrance from His heart to
those who are sitting on the floor and in many different places.  (More than 28,000 brothers
and sisters have reached Shantivan today.  Screens were set up in Madhuban, and various
places in Shantivan.)  BapDada saw that some children have had to face a little difficulty,
but, because of happiness, you don’t feel any difficulty.  At least you had three feet of land to
sleep comfortably.  BapDada  is giving special love and remembrance to those who have
become “pat-rani” (queens sleeping on the floor).  Achcha.
Those who have come to Madhuban or to meet BapDada for the first time, stand up!
BapDada is giving many, many congratulations to the children who have come for the first 31/03/2011     Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
time to the new Brahmin family on behalf of Himself and on behalf of the Brahmin family,
because even though you have come too late you have at least come.  You have now seen
BapDada and the family.  BapDada feels that,  even if you have come today, you have a
special blessing that if you want it in your heart, then, though you have come last, you can
go fast; you can go ahead fast.  BapDada and the family have love for all of you souls.  They
(the Brahmin family) will be co-operative; they will give you love and enable you to move
forward.  They will give you a chance.  This is why those who have come today have a very
good chance in the drama to go  ahead.  Wherever you have come from, the whole family
will be co-operative with you and you just have to become easy yogis.  Achcha.
It is the turn of Rajasthan and Bhopal to serve:  BapDada is seeing that the zone that is
serving this time has the most new souls in their group.  It is good.  Those from Rajasthan
are half the class.  Father  Brahma liked the land of Rajasthan so much that he created
Madhuban in Rajasthan.  BapDada saw that very good expansion is now taking place in all
the places of Rajasthan.  Very good programmes of giving the Father’s message to new souls
are now taking place.  However, BapDada is telling everyone: Each centre has to prepare a
group of heir souls who have love for the yagya, those who move forward themselves and
who make others have  love for the yagya.  Last time too, BapDada said this: There is
expansion of souls who have  love for the yagya, who have  love for service and who are
moving forward in constantly using everything in a worthwhile way.  It is good.  Everyone
has a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in the task of giving the message.  BapDada now wants to
see the maximum number of those who have a balance of the self and service come forward
from each centre.  Not just  service, but the self and service because there isn’t that much
time for self-transformation now.  This is why it is first the self and service with that.  Each
centre has to become free from obstacles, all companions are to be free from obstacles - not
just the teachers, but the whole class has to be  free from obstacles - and all should pay
attention to self-transformation.  Now, increase this.  Listen to each one and give them wings
of zeal and enthusiasm so that you are able to give BapDada the news of the centre being
free from obstacles.  BapDada saw that Rajasthan is also moving forward and will continue
to do so.  BapDada is congratulating each child for moving forward.  Achcha.
Bhopal zone: Achcha, this zone is also moving forward very well in transforming the self
and bringing about expansion in service.  BapDada is pleased that each child is making plans
for the self and is also putting those into practical form.  BapDada’s pure hope is that you
will constantly continue to move forward.  It is seen that there is zeal and enthusiasm in
every zone and this is why you are bringing about expansion in service at your own places.
BapDada is congratulating you for the future too.  Continue to move forward, fly and make
others fly.  Achcha.
Double-foreign brothers and sisters: The  foreigners are given the  title  “Double
foreigners”.  Not just foreigners, but  double foreigners.  It is seen practically, that, just as
you are given the  title  “Double foreigners”, in the same way, the  majority of you have
double intoxication.  What is the double intoxication you have?  That you have double zeal
and enthusiasm, and BapDada sees that you have good zeal and enthusiasm.  BapDada is 31/03/2011     Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
pleased that, initially, there  was establishment in just London, whereas today double
foreigners are doing service in so many places and making everyone belong to BapDada and
the Brahmin family.  You have a very good aim of making them belong to Baba and this is
why there is the  proof.  Earlier, you used to come in just your turn but you now come in
almost every turn.  BapDada is pleased that the people of Bharat have enthusiasm when they
see the children from abroad going ahead of the Bharatwasis: “Those from abroad are
moving forward and so we should not be left behind.”  The people from Bharat also have the
enthusiasm, and in effort too.  It has been  seen that though those from abroad have test
papers, they have the one speciality of speaking about them with an honest heart.  They don’t
keep anything inside and they find a solution with  an honest heart.   BapDada is pleased that
when you have a clean heart the Lord becomes present.  Seeing this good result, BapDada is
congratulating you and also giving you a blessing: You will constantly continue to move
forward.  Teachers are also making good effort.  BapDada is pleased that those from abroad
are taking maximum benefit from Madhuban.  BapDada is seeing that you have started doing
service abroad in a big way in even the smaller places.  Congratulations for service and
congratulations for self-transformation.  Continue to fly and make others fly.  Achcha.
BapDada is specially congratulating the children from everywhere in this land and abroad for
easily moving forward in their effort and enabling others to move forward.  BapDada has
already given a direction for the time that is to come: Become an intense effort-maker.  Put a
full stop in a second.  The practice of putting a full stop is extremely essential.  Do not be
slack in this.  Anything can happen suddenly and this is why BapDada’s pure hope is that
each child is with Him, will return with Him and will rule the kingdom with Father Brahma.
Then Shiv Baba will become the detached Observer.  You are going to become companions
and so you definitely have to become equal to BapDada.  Achcha.  Congratulations from
BapDada to each child for this year, and for next year (season), too, that you definitely have
to be constantly equal to the Father.  Achcha.
Mohiniben:  You had the thought that you have to  do it and so you did it.  That is your
strength.  Understand that it has to happen.
Dadi Janki: You have love and your love reaches Baba.  (To all Dadis): BapDada is pleased
to see all of you.  Why?  Why is He pleased?  Because you have become protectors of the
yagya and are moving forward in running the yagya.  All of you are instruments.  (Dr.
Nirmala): You did well.
Rukmani Dadi: BapDada knows that all of you are managing with your health, but you are
instruments.  Those who are instruments will enable them to work, so each one should
consider the self to be an instrument and conduct yourself and also run the yagya.  This is a
responsible group.  Do you understand?  Each one of you is responsible.
Par Dadi: Your sitting in your room and spreading rays of co-operation is spreading
throughout the yagya.  You remain constantly happy and this is why your face is always
cheerful.  You are happy and have the fortune of happiness. 31/03/2011     Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
Dr. Ashok Mehta:  Are you OK now?  Is the weakness finishing?  (They have just begun
the treatment.)  The more you walk the better you will become.  You have played a good
part, but now pay attention to one thing: Keep your intellect always connected to the Father.
Other things should not influence your intellect because this is the income of the intellect’s
yoga.  Let the past be the past completely; do not think or speak about it.  In that too, seek
the benefit from the loss because you are the Father’s instrument soul.  The Father should be
visible in you.  Everyone should say: “As is the Father, so this one is equal to the Father.”
Can you do this?  Keep your intellect very happy, detached and loving and there will be
wonders.  You will become an example in the family.  It is good.  What you have done is
good.  Now, it will be the best of all.
Acharya Pramod Krishnamji: Look at your family!  This is your home and your family.
You have come to your home.  The Father is pleased that the child has come to his home.
Puneet Issar (An actor who played Duryodhan in the TV serial “The Mahabharata”):
Look, today you have come into your family.  You like this family,  do you not?  (It is
unique.)  So, you have to become like them and make others the same.  Those who reach
Madhuban are very lucky.  The luck of those who reach Madhuban is always open.  Very
good.  (I played the part of Duryodhan in the Mahabharata.)  You have now changed.  You
are not Duryodhan now.  You have now become a companion in the Father’s task.  This one
has also become a companion.
Various VIP souls meeting BapDada (Bhagwati Prasad, Minister, Uttar Pradesh;
Dhananjay Munde, M.L.A., Maharashtra and family) etc.
If you feel that this is your home, then continue to come to your home.  BapDada’s blessing
is: Constantly remain happy and share that happiness.
Look, the more co-operative you become the more yogi you will become.  Continue to be cooperative in service and you will become yogi.  Definitely study.  Be accurate in the Godly
Continue to move along as you are doing and continue to move forward.  You are good.
Continue to move forward.
You are co-operative considering this to be your  home.  Co-operative and yogi.  You are
playing your part as a karma yogi and will continue to do so.  Remember the word “karma
yogi”.  No matter how many actions you perform, be a yogi.  Do not forget yoga.  This one is
also a karma yogi.
Look, to have love for the murli means to also have love for the Father.  Because you have
love for the Father, claim a right to the inheritance.  You will do this.
You have now understood this task and the more co-operative you become in this, the more
yoga you will be able to have.  It will not be an effort then because co-operation enables you 31/03/2011     Avyakt BapDada     31/03/2011
to move forward.  So,  be a karma yogi.  Not just karma, but also yoga.  So remember: I am a
karma yogi soul.
Speaking to Karsanbhai (Founder of Nirma group industry) and his wife: BapDada saw
that you are playing your double part very well.  You continue to have the murli and
remembrance and are also moving forward in your business.  This is known as being a karma
yogi.  To perform karma and also have yoga.  Achcha. You are a karma yogi child.
Mega star of Tollywood – Chiranjeevibhai and his wife Surekhaben: Now, here, also,
become a hero in service and yoga.  Here, together with being a hero, you also have to be a
zero.  And this one is your companion.  Both of you are together.  You are now united, are
you not?  By having one direction, it becomes very easy  and you remain very happy.
Remember, just are not just a hero but a zero.  You will move forward.  Just do not forget the
words “Mera Baba”.  By saying “mera” you will receive the full inheritance.  You are each
ahead of one another, you in your own way and this one in her own way.
Ashish Gupta is inaugurating his “Peace of Mind” channel.  You are also not one who gets
things done, but one who does things.  You are a companion, are you not?  It is an act of
great charity to be a companion in whatever auspicious task that takes place.  You are not
one who will just run this, but you will also  be a companion and put enthusiasm into
everyone.  Your duty is to give enthusiasm.  You are just an instrument.  Simply have good
wishes, that is all.  You know how to have good wishes, do you not?  Your good wishes will
enable many others to have good wishes.  Achcha.
* * * O M   S H A N T I * *