Saturday, April 16, 2011

latest words from God

Avyakt BapDada Madhuban
With the form of the volcanic fire of the power of yoga, have the cremation ceremony of the sanskars.
Reveal the Father through your behaviour, face, vision, attitude and thoughts.
Today, the love of the children enabled the children to bring the Ocean of Love to them.  BapDada is
pleased that the children have love for the Father in their hearts and, on the basis of constantly having this
love, you will definitely become equal to the Father.  In any case, BapDada has placed the children ahead in
the subject of love.  Today, the children have tied Him with the string of their love and especially called the
Ocean of Love to Madhuban.  Such love should always remain emerged.  The love of the children’s hearts
constantly continues to reach the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, but it is definitely numberwise.  The
Father desires that the sign of this love should be that the Comforter of Hearts remains constantly in each
one’s heart, that no child should be alone, all should be combined.  Check whether you remain constantly
combined or whether you sometimes become alone.  When you are alone, Maya takes her chance and this is
why BapDada always says: Always let the Comforter of Hearts be settled in your heart.  This is called true
and constant love.  Do you sometimes become alone or do you remain constantly combined?  What is the
promise that each child has made?  You residents of Madhuban especially have the intoxication that you are
together, that you will return home together and that you will come to rule the kingdom together.  Similarly,
those very, very sweet instrument children who are sitting here have promised the Father with their hearts -
for the majority it is also a practical form - that you will always stay in the combined form.  However, it is
numberwise.  BapDada wants every maharathi instrument child to grant a vision of the Father through their
face, that visions of the Father’s  face filled with light and of His  lovely and unique behaviour should
continue to be granted through their face and behaviour.
You saw Father Brahma.  Till the end, how many times, in every murli, did Father Brahma say “Baba,
Baba” according to shrimat?  Just count that!  In every murli, he says, “Baba, Baba” so many times, and
with his face, image, words and specially the eyes and forehead he revealed the Father.  All of you children
have experienced this.  What do you experience when you look at Father Brahma?  BapDada.  No one just
says the word “Father”, but from each one’s lips, the words “BapDada” emerge together and they are
experienced together.  Follow the Father in the same way.  Anyone who looks at you should automatically
remember the Father through your face, words, behaviour and vision.  The Father saw just now that the
majority of you have the thought to reveal the Father through your face, words and deeds.  So, follow the
father.  Father Brahma constantly revealed the Father through his behaviour, face, vision, attitude and
thoughts.  All of you experienced that.  It was not Father Brahma alone who was looking at you.  BapDada
was looking at you.  The reason?  Father Brahma constantly merged the Father in his eyes and on his
forehead.  Your eyes, mouth and behaviour should reveal BapDada as merged in you.  The One who is
teaching you should be experienced through your every word: whatever he is saying, whatever she is saying,
the One teaching and filling them with power is the Almighty Authority Father, it is God.  These are the
children of God.  These are the students of God.  They are not the followers of God who follow God, but
those who create multimillions at every step.  Now, even time is ready to co-operate with you.
Circumstances are changing and these circumstances are reminding everyone of God even against their
conscious wish.  So, one is time and the other is the speciality of both groups of instruments.  This group
that has come for this meeting is a ready-made group.
BapDada has seen that the majority of the children who have come have zeal and enthusiasm in their hearts:
We are definitely going to reveal the Father - with your face, with the character of your face, through words,
with connection and relationship to any soul.  Nowadays, by your serving souls with the benevolent feelings
of your mind, souls are coming into connection with you and want to come into connection with you.  It has
been seen that, in the task which BapDada has given you of serving through your mind, when you practise
serving with your mind whilst being yogyukt, you definitely enable these vibrations to reach someone or
other; they feel that rays of light and waves of happiness and peace are coming to them from somewhere, but
it is not clear to them where these are coming from.  These rays and waves are coming, but it is not clear to
them that these are coming to them from BapDada’s children from Bharat.  Otherwise, they would all come
running here.  Now project even more powerful rays on to those souls so that it becomes clear to them.
They are reaching them.  It has just begun.  Some rays have begun to reach some of them a little.  Now make
this even more powerful.  The thing that creates an obstacle in this, that becomes a reason for not reaching 13/04/11 Avyakt BapDada Madhuban
them clearly, is that you have yoga, you sit for amrit vela, but volcanic yoga is lacking.  Because of this, the
devotees and souls to whom you send these rays do not receive them so clearly.  Secondly, because of your
not having or because you lack the power of yoga of the volcanic fire, the sanskars that create an obstacle in
between cannot be finished.  You make effort for the sanskars to be transformed, and these sanskars do die,
but they do not get burnt.  It is just as Ravan is not  only killed but after he has been killed, he is burnt,
because even after he is killed, his body still remains.  In the same way, you sit for remembrance at amrit
vela, but the yoga of the form of fire, the volcanic form of fire, is lacking.  You celebrate a meeting, you
have a heart-to-heart conversation, and you also talk about the things in your life.  You have a constant fire
of yoga.  You definitely do kill the sanskars, and those sanskars do die, but they get up again every now and
then.  When they are burnt, their name and form finish.
Now, even in their heart-to-heart conversations, all the children say that they do not have as much as they
wish to have.  BapDada is giving a signal today because the  special Mahavir children have come to the
meeting today and there are the Madhuban residents.  What is there in Madhuban?  Madhuban means Baba.
What does everyone remember when you say “Madhuban”?  Baba of Madhuban.  So, those from Madhuban
have to pay this special attention.  When you say “Madhuban”, do you remember Baba of Madhuban?  With
which vision does everyone look at those who are staying in Madhuban?  Those from Madhuban, raise your
hands!  There are many.  Whether at the bottom (Shantivan) or at the top (Pandav Bhavan, Gyan Sarovar
etc.), the maximum number in today’s gathering is of the residents of Madhuban.  BapDada is pleased that
the residents of Madhuban will definitely show the wonder that Baba and Baba alone is visible from the face
and character of every resident of Madhuban.  The Father should be visible from the situation because a lot
of power (bal) and fruit (fal) is received by serving the yagya in Madhuban.  Those who wish to take it can
take it; you definitely do receive it.  You need to pay greater constant attention to looking at your sanskars
and in harmonising your sanskars.  BapDada has special love for every child of Madhuban.  Why?  Because
you have surrendered yourselves to serving the yagya that the Father Himself created.  Firstly, the residents
of Madhuban are receiving the fruit of the efforts they have made and secondly, serving the Brahmin souls
or new souls that come to Madhuban is service of the yagya; it is not ordinary service.  You receive extra
charity for serving the yagya.  If any resident of Madhuban is moving along accurately as per the shrimat
received from BapDada, according to the shrimat from amrit vela till night time, then he definitely receives
extra charity from that.  Whether those from Madhuban know this or not, or even if they remain careless,
nevertheless, they definitely do receive the charity of their service.  It is not an ordinary thing to become a
resident of Madhuban.  No matter what type of work someone is doing, even if he is getting the cleaning
done, even such ordinary work allows you to create a lot of charity because it is the yagya that has been
created by the Father.  It is from this yagya, from this Madhuban, that everyone receives God’s love and this
is why the Father does not go anywhere except here.  Madhuban has recorded the Father’s part of coming,
of meeting you and of enabling others to meet Him.  Each of you residents of Madhuban has to know your
account of charity, recognise it and become an embodiment of that great attainment.  No matter what
happens, it is your duty to enable that thing to reach the seniors, because to make it reach them means to
remove it from your heart.  Then your responsibility is over.  If you think that nothing is happening about it,
you will then not accumulate sin in this; it will be the sin of those who are responsible.  You simply remain
carefree.  Your duty is to tell them about it.  However, to think about what happened and what didn’t
happen, why this did not happen, why that did not happen.  You don’t need to worry about it, or you would
have even more wasteful thoughts.  You just fulfill your responsibility and enable it to reach them.  It has to
reach them, and you have to make it reach them according to the custom and system.  After all, you are
Brahmins who are residents of Madhuban.  You are elevated; you know your status and carry out such a task
that when others see the tasks you carry out, they also learn.  Everyone has a lot of faith in the residents of
Madhuban.  So, show the fruit of their faith to those who have that faith.  Among the children of Madhuban,
BapDada knows that there are some children who make effort on themselves with the code of conduct, they
have love for the Father and co-operate with Him.  BapDada desires - what is BapDada’s desire for the
residents of Madhuban?  Every child of the Father who is a resident of Madhuban should be loving and cooperative to the yagya and give everyone the Father’s introduction through their behaviour: “We residents of
Madhuban have such great fortune!”  Reveal your fortune because you are residents of the yagya.  What did
God create first of all?  He created the yagya; and the land of the yagya is Madhuban.  You know the praise 13/04/11 Avyakt BapDada Madhuban
of Madhuban, do you not?  Those who know the praise of Madhuban, raise your hands!  BapDada is looking
here.  Achcha, very good.
BapDada is giving very, very powerful love from the heart and blessings from the heart to each resident of
Madhuban.  Seeing the maharathis, those who have come for the meeting, He constantly sings the song in
His heart, “Wah children! wah!”  All those who have come for the meeting have to make progress in one
thing.  Whoever they are and however many service companions you have, always keep them content with
your happiness and attainment.  If you have to give them teachings, then, together with the teachings, also
give them love so that, on the basis of that love, they are able to move forward.  Do not give them such love
that they take advantage of that love, so that it doesn’t matter what they do, they will be forgiven.  Do not
give such love.  BapDada is pleased that you have become instruments.  You do pay  attention, but pay
attention and make them content and let the rays of contentment reach the world.  Those who have become
instruments have to carry out this task too.  The reason for this is that those who are instruments have their
own hands.  You will have to make a little effort in enabling them to transform their sanskars.  You enable
them to do service and for the  majority of them, the  centre provides their accommodation and food.
However, now fill them with such power that they take power from the Father and create such an
atmosphere in your service place that anyone who comes is first attracted by the atmosphere.  This is
because nowadays, everyone wants there to be some function which enables them to experience something
as soon as they come, so that they have an experience just by seeing it.  They experience listening and they
experience yoga, but they should also experience the atmosphere.  The souls who have become instruments
have to pay  attention to this: this is your special service.  If you yourself remain yogyukt and maintain a
good stage of atmosphere, it automatically creates its impact on the service place.  There is the influence of
BapDada and the senior instruments on the atmosphere and the  vibrations.  The atmosphere around
BapDada changes.  So, every child has to create an atmosphere, because only when you change the
atmosphere of your  centres will the atmosphere of the world change.  It will happen from your service
places.  You are making effort, you have the aim but you now have to make this aim even more powerful.
Nowadays people can understand you from your face and your vibrations.  Their intellects are influenced by
devilish intellects but they are also influenced by knowledge.  This is why, whoever has come here for the
meeting, each one of you is responsible.  Otherwise, why did you put your name forward for the meeting?
You have courage and this is why your name was included.  Therefore, now reveal your duty.  You do wish
to do that.  BapDada knows that you are making effort to do that, but now increase your effort a little more.
Do you understand?
Today, you specially called Baba.  You won in the lesson of love.  Whether it was the thought of those from
Madhuban – it was the power of their thought and the power of you all calling Baba practically, you spoke
with love and with a right – those from Madhuban also said the same thing.  However, by coming to meet
you, it became  double.  Achcha.  Do you want to say anything else now?  Now, BapDada wants to see
everyone’s result.  Whether those from Madhuban or those who have come for the meeting, Baba wants to
see  results from both.  The special effort made by Jagadamba was: The Father said something and
Jagadamba did it.  Your Didi’s words were: We now have to return home, we have to return home.  The
thought of your Dadi was: We now have to become karmateet.  She used to conduct classes on becoming
karmateet and give enthusiasm to become karmateet.  Your Pandavas who have been and gone also had the
thought: All of us Pandavas are said to be victorious.  The aim that the Pandavas had, and still have, is that
the memorial is of the victorious Pandavas.  What do you remember when you speak of the Pandavas?
Victory.  Even though there was the unlimited army on the other side, when you remember the word
“Pandavas” you remember victory.  There were five Pandavas but they were victorious.  No matter what the
atmosphere was like, there was the atmosphere of the unlimited army, but the Pandavas became victorious
with the shrimat of the Father of the Pandavas and victory was glorified.  Now, those same Pandavas have
become victorious and are enabling others to have victory.  BapDada is pleased on seeing the Pandavas.  In
what respect is He pleased?  That you are the companions of the Shaktis.  You are companions in giving
your co-operation to the Shaktis and making them move forward.  Just as the Father gave the Shaktis the
mantra of being Shiv Shaktis and made them  combined, in the same way, the Pandavas, as per their
speciality, are good in giving co-operation to the Shaktis and keeping them in front and constantly becoming
the best of all and moving forward.  Achcha. 13/04/11 Avyakt BapDada Madhuban
Seeing your love today, BapDada is garlanding all of you with the garland of love.  Now, all of you also
simply have to garland one another with the garland of love and co-operation.  Not the garland of arms, but
garland one another with the garland of co-operation from your heart.  BapDada has told you earlier too that
there should be notes of co-operation in the pockets of each of you children.  Your pockets should be filled
with  notes of co-operation, not  notes of mistakes.  Whenever you see that co-operation is needed
somewhere, just give a  note of co-operation.  Do you have it in your pocket?  Do you have  notes of cooperation?  Are they full?  Your pockets are full.  They are not empty, are they?  You just give a note of cooperation and they will garland you with a garland of blessings.
When you come next season, what good news will you give?  That you have had the cremation ceremony of
your sanskars?  Are all of you ready?   Ready?  Those of you sitting in the front row are not raising your
hands.  You raised your hands.  All of you raised them.  Those at the back raised them.  So, you will give
this good news in advance, will you not?  You finish the sanskars, but you do not burn them and this is why
they emerge again.  This is why you were told to have the cremation ceremony of the sanskars.  Do not bury
them, but cremate them because you have to bring the time close.  The special souls of your advance party
and the father, who is a resident of the subtle region, are waiting.  Does their thought reach you?  They are
asking for a date.  Your senior Dadis and Dadas are waiting for a date.  Will you give them a date? Will
you?  Those in the front row, speak!  Will you give a date?  Or, will you say, “Wait and see”?  What is each
one of you going to do for this?  Each of you has to cremate your remaining sanskars, and time will then
come close.  This is the only method to bring time close.  It is the remaining sanskars that are creating
obstacles.  Days are still remaining, many days remaining, before the beginning of next season.  Every day
cremate one sanskar or another.  Continue to cremate them one by one; there are that many days remaining.
Who feels that when BapDada comes next season, you will raise your hands for having cremated your
sanskars?  Those who feel this, raise your hands!  That they have been cremated?
You are raising your hands.  BapDada is giving you many, many, many congratulations in advance.
Achcha.  The Father fulfilled His promise.  You are also clever in fulfilling your promise.  The Father loves
every child.  None of you should feel that you are not loved by BapDada, that you are at the back, that you
are this or that.  Even those at the back are very, very, very much loved because you at least said “Mera
Baba” to the Father.
BapDada is giving congratulations to all the children everywhere who know about this, even those sitting far