Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spiritual Learning Tool

Dear Friends,

You can download a BK Virtual software named 'BK Vista' developed by SpARC Wing of Brahma Kumaris which has a interface like an Operating System (though not an operating system). This is an application (.exe) file (135 MB file) which can be installed on any Windows OS and you will then find all the treasures of knowledge in it.
The interface is both in ENGLISH and HINDI language.
  • It mainly covers (by way of icons, links, folders, files, audio, video, animation, etc) My Vision, My Virtul Vista, Recycle Call of time,  (similar to My Documents, My Computer, Recycle Bin, Start Menu, Programs and other used icons in Microsoft Vista )
  • By way of interactive PPTs, it also contains the Foundation course of Brahma Kumaris
  • It covers various aspects Spirituality (In Start menu) like My life Journey, My Ruling Power, My Role nd Part, My Personality, My Real identity, Search and Run, All Programs
  • It also contains various inbuilt applications by way of Utilities like Dictionary, Acrobat, Media Player, Directx, etc
  • It also contains various E-books like Moral Maths, Murli Glossary, Murli Stories, World Cycle, Thoughts, etc

Download Link:
(After clicking or Copy-pasting the same in your web browser, scroll down the web page and click on 'Regular Download' Button)

It is an innovative way of learning gems of knowledge through an interactive way. Download from the above link and enjoy!!!



About SpARC: Spiritual Applications Research Centre(SpARC) is the Research Body of Brahmakumaris. It started its operations when Gyansarovar complex was established in year 1995.  SpARC works with Special Interest Gourp (SIG) as distributed research centre through it’s Local Chapters throughout the world.

Getting Started: When you click Application file, an End User License Agreement for Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer will display. Click Accept to continue. This agreement window will only open once for each computer used. It will support  Microsoft Windows 98 / 2000 / Xp / Vista. Minimum PC System Requirements Intel Pentium II (or higher) Minimum of 64 MB RAM, Multimedia Speaker.