Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Meditation

                                  Meditation Becomes Popular

A recent study in the USA as shown on SBS news last night (12/5/2011) that a large number of Doctors in the US are recommending meditation as part of there therapy and cure when it comes down too treatment of all sorts of illnesses from diabetes too insomnia. Also in primary schools children are being taught meditation techniques, the results are out and conclusive evidence is shown that peoples health is increasing and childrens concentration is also improving. The technique they are  populizing is a breathing technique where the practictioner concentrates on there own breath moving in and out. This is known as Pranayama and is an ancient Hatha Yoga Technique from India. It is believed that Pranic Energy which is found in forests and waterfalls and the ocean can be topped up by focusing on the breath, especially in parks and non-built up areas. I myself specialize in Raja Yoga meditation which sees myself as a soul a living point of light sitting in the centre of the forehead. My original religion is Peace. Through this attitude and visualization the breath and the sense organs will become cool and focused and my stress levels will automatically drop, try it for yourself