Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doing things from the heart

In theory mens intellects can be insurmountable, they have discovered the atom and now the quark, they have put satellites into the far reaches of our galaxy and beyond, men can quote scriptures and create elegant poetry, now we have lightworkers and tech-heads. But when a major confrontation occurs or disaster hits all the hypothesis soon go out of the window, unless they are reinforced with faith and experience. the heart of the soul should be love and compassion and then the head (the intellect) can operate smoothly, otherwise like any machine it overheats and begins too breakdown. and spluttering and hissing begin too occur and then communication breaks down and then its every man for himself, instead  of the big picture kept in focus my little world comes into orbit and greed and ego soon follow. We should always consult the intellect of the Wise before taking on any new venture or decision, that is God. Take a moment or two too connect too God then make your move, then at least the outcome isn't up too you but your Boss(God). This is how you keep the machinery of the intellect cool and calm, and your decisions will be in sync with humanity and the greater good