Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Talk too the Head of the company not the middlemen

All of our religions and clubs and companies, have one thing in common, a hierarchy where God or the President are at the top and numberwise people are down below. Now if you really want something done, with no red tape etc you would talk too the person at the top, they are the movers and shakers, they created the organization. But too do that you need there accurate name, phone number, and some recommendations too get you in. For example you can easily write a letter too the Queen of England, but her secretary may screw up the letter and throw it in the bin. So too resolves your sins and confusions you must talk directly too God. Religions have set up systems where you talk too the middlemen, like Jesus (son of God) , a priest, a rabbi, a Sage or Saint (Ramakrishna) ,a Pope, a mufti etc (you get the picture). But too get results you need too talk too the main man. One problem is God doesn't have a body of his own, he is all powerful, all knowledgeful etc but lives in a world of golden red light called soul world. Yogis have misdirected people in this matter as well.They will meditate on this region (called the Brahm element) but not on God himself. And too have the concentration and know how too do this you need too be in a state of soul consciousness, that is where I see myself as a soul in a body, a living point of light. So the problem still isn't solved. Religion has told us I am a Christian, or a Parsi or a Buddhist, no I am a soul a child of God. here try this meditation it may help and get back too me.