Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moksha or eternal liberation

This concept makes its way into all religions really, when you think about it. I think it grows from the need of people too escape from the burden and torment of this day and age, especially if they are religious minded souls and have been trying dutifully too connect too God or a religious founder, but there are so many obstacles and tests in life that there is no contentment in this connection. there faith has been tested too the last straw. Also religious founders including sages and saints have commented on the impervious nature of God and his home Nirvana, and so they have felt they would like too remain there for eternity in blissful Silence, but the wheels of Karma are not still, so even if you achieve liberation, you must also reaps the fruit of your good actions, and thus move into Heaven, so your back onto the stage of action. Thus you will interact with the world once again and eventually experience suffering once again, no matter how minuscule. So it is a huge cycle that even God cannot stop.