Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jewels of knowledge direct from the Father

Too enter the gates of Heaven you need too know where and when the gates are open. They are now open but not everyone can see them. Some think they can see them, others visualize they can see them, and others just want too see them, and a fourth group don't care. Knowledge is a big factor in entering the gates, of what? Of the self (soul) and God (Supreme soul), not just knowledge but truth and use of the truth in battling falsehood and the scenes of transformation (tsunamis,earthquakes, etc). The level of understanding will be numberwise, just like the type of horses that run at the Melbourne cup (it depends on there bloodline and circumstances on the day). Can you see God, probably not, but we get a picture of him in scriptures and dreams and meditations. But this image is effected by the amount of light I the soul have. So deep contemplation is needed too refine and clarify this image, until I see God clearly with my third -eye, and my third-eye becomes my physical eyes, then I will see God and others will see God in my eyes. They said Jesus was the son of God, in fact we are all sons of God (creation) but some reflect God in there eyes better and also in there actions. Actions speak louder than words, and words cannot be spoken without a mouth. This is why God adopts a mouth too speak too your ears, sometimes through Prophet souls, sometimes through the local beggar. But God is only one, don't get confused, he is not everywhere , though I am sure he would love too be, he also is a Practical Being, only coming when he is needed, not changing the course of history of souls freedom of choice, of thought, of karma
       OM SHANTI