Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New points

The Month of experiencing Relations 02-10-2011
GOD being my Friend
Self-Respect: GOD is my friend.
Talk to your Godly friend like this… “Friend, I am proud of your friendship. I am
the most fortunate soul who has met back his long lost friend. Friend, I had lost all
of my good qualities, divinity and purity. But you have played your role of real
friend by making me your friend. You have made me equally elevated and pure like
you are. I too promise that, I will keep my promise of remaining pure till my last
breath; because I know you love purity. I will forget the entire world in your love.”
Yoga Practice:
1. Be with your Godly friend throughout the day… eat, play, roam around, dance,
sing along with him… take his help in making your Spiritual effort elevated and
making your services successful.
2. Share everything of your heart with the Godly friend. Speak only to him, listen
only from him…
Point of Inculcation: Only one thread can keep both of us connected, that is, real
Purity. He is very innocent, very sweet, and perfectly pure. He doesn’t like
cleverness or body consciousness at all.
Point of Churning:
1. What is true friendship?
2. How will be a true friend?
3. What is the difference between friendship of souls and that of GOD?
4. How does my Godly friend wish to see me?
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, suddenly a strange incident happened in our life’s journey. We
met a friend who took over all of our responsibilities… he gave us everything for 21
births, made such a fortune of us which none of the emperors or today’s billionaires
can have. He didn’t ask anything for him, rather gave everything to us.
Like Sudama we souls too had lost our real virtues and powers and had become
sad and poor. We were left with nothing except one small grip of grains. The GOD
made us (Sudamas) his friends and transformed us from pennies to diamonds.