Thursday, November 3, 2011


Maharati(Elephant rider) is a hindu expression taken from the early internal conflicts in India against its own Rajas and also against the Persians and Greeks. The generals would be sitting on fully armed elephants, giving advice in battle while the horse riders and cavalry would do most of the hard work, now and then the Elephants were used too literally crush the enemy and strike fear into the opposition. This ideal is also used in spiritual terms, especially in Buddhism where one who has completely conqouered there mind and intellect and is in a constant stage of empathy for all is shown as a white elephant. In meditation when you the aspirant become the knower of the self, God and drama and your mind, intellect and sanskaras, i.e a true Raja Yogi you become a Maharati. You will still be on the battle field of life but will be high up above riding a powerful intellect that never forgets, your heart will be for world service and your mind and intellect will be constantly taking orders from God and be a role model for the rest of the army. But you will only be praised not worshipped, don't forget.