Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Royal Ego

Theres a beautiful saying in India, if you give a mouse a grain of tumeric it will think it is a Grocer. In meditation as we progress unravelling the layers of the soul, we can become very intoxicated with our progress, and at this level can fall prey too ego of the intellect. I and Mine creep in too our dharna and I lose track subtley of the destination (incorporeal, viceless and egoless). Especially if before my journey, I was easy going, a space cadet  type, then mediation experiences can make me feel very light and almost haphazard in my approach too practical things. This is a no no. Sure happiness is the fruit, but balance and stability are also needed. This is why new knowledge and revision of old stuff is an ongoing process. So we don't become creatures of habit but instead souls with divine habits.