Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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When we think of God or a higher power we my feel great love, even ecstacy or we may feel control and fear or total scepticism depending on our life experiences or even previous life experiences. God is actually a being who has total concern for the whole world, or more accurately for all his children, the souls of the world. So he may also appear in our minds as too great a mirror, or as a blinding light, or as a person such as Christ or Krishna. If you are just new too meditation or too connecting (a relationship) with God your mind and intellect will undoubtedly be clouded and polluted with other thoughts and feelings, or with your religions perceptions of God or your groups perceptions. Only when our reasoning becomes clarified and crystallized through meditation and contemplation of God can we truly begin too have love and understanding of God. Some souls want too understand God but there faith has been tested so many times they can't pull it off and go off the path. The fruit of solid contemplation and connection too God is Self Realization, and understanding of time as cyclic and unlimited. In fact God can enable you too conqueor death through complete connection, because after all the soul is immortal