Sunday, December 18, 2011

It is as though all human souls have there own special part too play, some are greatly recognized and remembered by many both famously and infamously, such as Beethoven or even Adolf Hitler, but in the realms of meditation we also recognize that role is just a drop in the ocean, that the soul may have played many diverse roles and sexes and cultures; this is called reincarnation. Whatever actions one soul sows in one birth he must bare the fruit of that in the next. The one special role or contract out of all the souls is the role of Gods. Some found religions in Gods name but God has the role of purifying all souls and taking them home, no matter what part they play. No other soul has the ability too do this, sure they may start a huge war or genocide, but those souls still take rebirth, where God at the correct time, takes soul home, and clears them of all there sins. Some have this claim too fame, like Jesus was crucified on the cross too takeaway all our sins, but the truth is no bodily being has this ability. Only God the Almighty, the eternal light, the soul without a body can absolve all human souls of there burden. This is why the best and most powerful meditations are on the Supreme Soul in this form of light and might