Monday, January 16, 2012

Divine Intellect

You could say as a meter guage that Christ had a divine intellect, though at times his actions were recorded as being dubious. For example the anger he showed at the temple steps, towards the shopkeepers and stall owners, though nowadays you’ll find a lot of stalls in the grounds of churches ( different place and time?).  So the point I am trying too make is over the decades since Christ , or even before when we first exited from soul world, we have been accumulating rubbish in our intellects, not on purpose mind you, but just in the course of events, so you could say that naturally we have been accumulating dust in the intellect, just as dust will sit on a mantle piece if not wiped daily. We have been wiping it birth after birth, but as you know, once you,ve moved away from the source the current naturally drops, its all physics. So now we have come too a stage where our divine intellects are rusty and dusty and also the world is in itself dirty and overpopulated and resource impoverished. So too regain our higher consciousness, we need too focus and connect with that true source again, some call that source God or Allah or the Father etc. This is what I call meditation, and it will eventually make the intellect divine once again, why?, because your in the company of the divine.