Sunday, January 1, 2012

higher consciousness

People generally go too church, read the scriptures or meditate etc , too connect there lowly spirits with a higher source, a higher consciousness, too lift there souls out of the douldrums too a higher place, But then they leave it at that, whilst at work, they generally forget that feeling or that Peace and become engaged in that activity, totally. It may demand that concentration. But a true Karma Yogi can do both tasks at once, remember there job and remember God or that higher power at the same time. This is because soul consciousness enables you too perform pure actions so the return is happiness and clarity of thinking. In hindi it is called Purushottam. I the soul the charioteer of this vehicle (the body) move forward whilst acknowledging I am the driver and operator of this vehicle, the master of my own destiny, then you will see the magic of movement and divine action